Thursday, November 14, 2013

Elementary - Cynical...

Mycroft seems to be back for good and continues to nettle at Holmes in ways only family could. Watson continues to be more impressive on her own, but given the medical nature of this case that's not unexpected. Let's hope many of the original Sherlock stories continue to seep into the plot and some of the ongoing hidden relationships come to a head soon.

Elementary "Thicker than Water" (S02E08): It starts with Mycroft bugging Holmes about not visiting his restaurant, Diogenes, yet, as Mycroft will return to London soon [much credit to the writers for having Mycroft name his restaurant after his favorite philosopher from one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's short stories]. In the meantime, a woman landed on a delivery truck that continued its route after she landed.
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The duo reason their way back to the apartment balcony the woman fell out of. After some research, Detective Bell reveals Ian Gale, the equivalent of a Steve Jobs in this universe, is the one paying for the apartment. Trying to see Mr. Gale, his lawyer presents evidence that puts Gale out of the company, but Holmes quickly proves it's a stand-in.

The next morning, Mycroft wakes Watson looking for Holmes, who stood him up (again) the night before. A contact of Holmes' at a high-end hotel tips him off that an entire floor has been rented by Gale under a pseudonym. In exchange for moose cheese, Holmes gets a keycard to access all rooms on the floor and they find Gale hiding in a hospital bed looking very ill. The duo learns the dead woman was his daughter, Haley.

Gale had a heart transplant that his body is rejecting. His daughter was in town to give him transfusions as he's a rare blood type. He hid his condition while the board of his company prepared a transition plan. Returning to the police station, Watson insists Holmes go to dinner with Mycroft and leave a morgue visit to her. At dinner, Mycroft gives 221B back to Holmes and reveals he's been moved out while in NYC. He also reveals that their father wants him back in London and could take away the Brownstone if he does not return.

Detective Bell and Watson question Gale's wife and suspect her, until she explains that she gets no extra inheritance when Gale's daughter dies, but rather it goes to Haley's mother. One of the prints from Haley's apartment turns out to be from an old boyfriend no one knew was in town. Holmes reveals to Watson that his father might cut him off unless he returns to London. He suggests both of them return to London, but she votes for Holmes to do what he wants despite his father's wishes.

They track Haley's boyfriend to a horsetrack that afternoon via Haley's DVR recordings. Upon questioning, they learn Haley was sick for several weeks. After verifying she wasn't sick at the time of giving blood for her father, Holmes gets a call that Ian Gale is dead.

Watson figures out that the real target of the murder was Ian Gale and not Haley. After than, they discover that Mrs. Gale had, in fact, killed her husband by using Haley's antibodies to cause Ian's transplanted heart to be rejected. Mycroft stops by to see Holmes one last time and Holmes gives him a letter to pass along to their father, stating he will remain in New York. Mycroft later rips up the letter and calls someone to announce that the plan to reunite Holmes and their father has failed.
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