Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Middle: Volleyball, Failing, and a Dog

I'm not a dog person. For the vast majority of my life, I was actually an anti-dog person, though I tolerate them now. I've had friends who have very meaningful relationships with their dogs, and I really don't "get it." Frankie reiterated the same thing they always preach: the pooch is there for them when they leave for work and they're there when they return home, and they act like their owners are the only people in the world. I don't see the big desire to have that, but the Hecks didn't all have that sort of relationship with "Colin Firth," so I assume he'll be gone in an episode or two anyway. Axl failing out of college and Sue playing volleyball? Now THOSE are interesting storylines. More of them, please!

The Middle "The Jump" (S05E06): Sue makes the varsity volleyball team. [not gonna lie... I was so happy for her, I teared up!] However, it turns out that the school felt bad, as Sue crashed through a bad spot in the gym floor during her tryout. [yikes!] When Mike goes to the game and starts chanting "Sue," the volleyball coaches put her in to avoid a lawsuit, even though it is match point. [hahaha!] Well, she winds up getting hit with the ball three times in a row, but they hit her hard enough to go back over the net and eventually win the game. [don't really think that could happen, but good for Sue anyway! her jump meter was cute as well.]
Axl is behind in his studies and is told to drop three of his (four) classes so he doesn't fail, so he turns to Brick for help. [I'm intrigued that Brick would be able to help... he is seven years younger, after all.] Axl admits that he has been struggling without his parents on his back, and when he winds up dropping drop math and philosophy, he isn't sure how to tell his parents. [are we assuming he kept Spanish, of all things?? also, they could have tried harder to make that look like a University setting.] 

Frankie wears blue nail polish but after the kids tease her, she takes it off. [I thought it was cool.] Later, she has trouble jumping, so she spends some time alone, only to run into a dog in town. [random! but who opens their door to a stray dog??!?] Frankie brings "Colin Firth" home, but she's the only one he likes. [Love Actually has come up three times today... how weird!] When the family tells her to get rid of the dog, Frankie tells them that she doesn't feel loved by her family, but they share their feelings to lift her spirits.
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