Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Goldbergs: Halloween, Driving, Neighbors

I've given up nitpicking the all-over-the-place 80s references, as apparently it's supposed to be a mismatch of stuff. On one hand, the mashups are allowing more nostalgia people care about rather than want to forget, but on the other, I think it might become more difficult to enjoy over the long term. For now, though, I'm going to live in the moment, because I do look forward to this comedy week after week with its eccentric family and their laughable problems. I'm glad that the series has gotten better, and hope that trend continues.

ABC/Danny Feld
The Goldbergs "Who Are You Going to Telephone?" (S01E06): It's Halloween, and Barry and Erica are headed to a party dressed like The Hulk and Jane Goodall, respectively. [Jane Goodall??] The girl Barry is hoping to attract is a model for J. C. Penney, so Beverly is paranoid that he'll be heartbroken. [if she really does believe that her son is "the most delicious," then why is she worried? LoL. She's like an original helicopter parent!] So, she dresses as a ghost and shows up at the party to secretly talk up Barry to the girls. [shut up! are you kidding me?!?] Someone bumps into him and he spills a drink on his crush, then uncovers that his mother is at the party. Erica apologizes, as it's her fault that Beverly even knew about Barry's plans. The two teens head out to another party, and Beverly realizes that she doesn't always have to save the day. [LoL!]

Adam spends four days building a Rubik's Cube costume, but Beverly insists that he wear a reflective vest on the back. [I was always thankful that my mom didn't make us add those sticky reflective strips that the school gave out every year!] Pops prepares matching Ghostbusters costumes, so he's a little saddened when Adam heads off with friends for the first time. Pops is left to hand out candy while the friends Adam meets want to go cause mischief, not go trick-or-treating. [awww. what a let down!] So, he goes with the flow, but when he has to egg his own house, he gets caught. [ha! of course!] Murray makes him clean at first, then lets him go trick-or-treating with Pops, as that's all Adam really wanted out of the holiday anyway. [awww! and haha that Beverly still tagged along.]

The Goldbergs "Call Me When You Get There" (S01E07): It's October 18th. [so, before Halloween, LoL. I will snark at that.] Barry gets his license, and Beverly gives him a lot of rules about driving. When he doesn't call her when he gets places, Beverly checks up on him, even making movie theatre ushers go looking for him in the cinema. [mortifying!] Erica tells him to make up cover stories so that he can go where he wants, but when he goes to a party in the woods, there is no phone nearby. He also doesn't get his cover story straight with the friend he's "using," so he is screwed. [so Barry must be new to lying? is that what I'm getting here?] It takes him an hour to locate a phone, but it isn't working, so Beverly starts calling all over town. Then, she makes Murray go out to look for Barry, forcing him to try avoiding World Series spoilers. [I enjoyed watching Murray try to get around town without hearing the score. the voice-activated VCR gag was humorous, too.] He finds him hiding in a ditch, and "secretly" grounds him for three months, and Erica, too.

In a second storyline, Pops falls and cannot get up, so he calls Adam for help, though does start carrying a Life Alert. [whoa, infomercial flashbacks!]

The Goldbergs "The Kremps" (S01E08): It's November and a new family moves in across the street. Adam is in heaven with a new best friend, Chad, but the family is otherwise very different from the Goldbergs. [cool Tron stuff.] They keep ducking Beverly's BBQ invitation, and when Murray learns that Bev scares Virginia, Bev hunts her down on a power walk and forces her into coming over Saturday. [I like that Murray might have a friend in Charles.] The day of the cookout, it storms, but most of the group has a good time anyway, including Erica, who likes Chad's older brother, Drew. [you know, because 80s kids always had crushes on their neighbors.] Things go south and after Beverly uses the "f-word," the Kremps leave. Chad soon isn't allowed to play with Adam anymore, but Beverly saves her at the grocery store when Virginia buys some bad eclairs, so, problem solved. [seriously?]
In a second plot, Barry and Erica fight over the phone. Soon, Barry is grounded for calling 976 numbers. [I guess those are like 900 numbers.] Because Erica ratted out Barry, he tapes her talking about Drew and plays it for Drew and his mother, humiliating Erica. 
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