Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Trophy Wife: Halloween, Parties, and Lice

This show really snuck its way into my heart for a show that I never planned on watching! I don't find it realistic, per se, but the characters are unique and the relationships really amuse me. There's no character in the family I truly dread seeing get the "big" story, though I would like to see more of Hillary, as well as learn more about the relationships between Peter and his ex-wives when they were married. I'd also like to hear about how Jackie and Kate both groomed dogs but didn't realize it for some time. Still, I could do without Meg... she seems to useless to the series!

Trophy Wife "Halloween" (S01E06): After Bert and Jackie scare Kate, Bert realizes that the Halloween costume Jackie made him isn't what he had hoped... as she doesn't know who Iron Man is. [or that Robert Downey had a son, for that matter. how is she so deep into her own world?? also, was Jackie Queen Elizabeth or Marie Antoinette?] Kate heads to the store to buy a costume, but the line is really long so she has to try cutting. [... I've never seen a ling that long for a costume store!] She pretends she's the mother of some teen boys, and soon returns with a costume for Bert. [30% of why Jackie adopted him was to go trick-or-treating. that's scary.] Bert is so excited that she wants Kate to go trick-or-treating with him, and she wears one of Jackie's old costumes: a centaur. She has some trick-or-treating tricks, but soon Jackie is following them and Bert disappears when the women argue.[it's not even starting to get dark? is it 2pm in the afternoon?]
ABC/Ron Batzdorff
Over at Peter's (Diane is a gargoyle, Peter is a hung jury, Warren is Ellen DeGeneres, and Hillary thinks she is too old for the holiday), Warren is recovering from dental surgery. [that couldn't be scheduled on November 1st?] Peter recognizes a voice of a kid who egged the house last year, and steals his candy. The kid gets Warren to egg the house to make it look like he's innocent, but Warren is caught, so he hits on Hillary instead. [what??] In the end, they have to let him go, though it wound up being him after all. [haha!]

Trophy Wife "The Date" (S01E07): After hosting three kids' parties, Kate and Peter decide to throw one for themselves. Jackie crashes it and winds up being intimate with one of Peter's colleagues, Steve. Steve wants to date Jackie, but there is some awkwardness between an ex-husband and his employee. Fortunately, because Steve is looking to get serious, Peter wants him to date Jackie, as he could take her out of their lives a little. [ha! love it!] Also at the party was Diane, though only long enough to get one of Hillary's books. Still, Diane winds up on Meg's Instagram, and the surgeon can't get the bartender to take it down until she beats her in beer pong. [but she doesn't actually win??] When Diane has to give stitches to Meg in the bathroom, Meg agrees to not instagram the family again. [is she allowed to suture someone anywhere??] As far as the kids are concerned, Bert and Warren do a video series about gum, and Hillary winds up being an executive producer. [interesting, but glad it's not ongoing!]

Trophy Wife "Lice and Beary White" (S01E08): After Bert gets lice, Kate tries to take charge of the situation, but Diane demands to lead. [haha that she was embarrassed to ask about lice shampoo at the drugstore.] Jackie tries hard to avoid getting involved because she spent $300 on a Brazilian blow-out, so Diane tells Kate to handle Jackie. [I might never understand the mindset of people who pay that...] Still, Diane has to use a hose on Jackie to get her to break. [omg!] Jackie and Kate decide to give Diane regular shampoo instead of lice shampoo, but Diane used it on Hillary instead of herself. [LoL that Jackie plays both sides.] Both Kate and Diane want to solve the problem, but when they learn that the kids at school have been using wigs in a play, they run away so someone else will be blamed. [but who does Hair in high school??]

While all of that is going on, Peter comes across one of Warren's old stuffed animals that he had given to Bert at one point. [I don't understand passing down plush toys... just get the new kid his own!] Peter makes Warren confess to Bert, and then the kids each try to convince Peter that they are the most deserving. Peter tries to pull the King Solomon situation, but the boys want to have the bear cut in half. [yeah, they're kids...] The kids decide to split custody of the bear. [why does Bert care so much? it was hardly ever his!]

[Also, be aware that this comedy is off until December 3rd!]
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