Saturday, December 14, 2013

Last Man Standing: Spanking and Elves

Kyle always knew he wasn't "good enough," but knew someone would eventually come along to "fix him" ?? This show is taking a turn for the worse again. More characters is not what this series needed, so Bud hanging around and Ryan and Kyle both constantly showing up isn't awesome. Ed is fine, as it offers Mike a non-female outlet (and, thus, fits with the show's title), but I'd otherwise prefer it to focus on the Baxters. Relegating Eve to small practical jokes is getting old, especially compared to some of the things we've already seen her do - like drink! Maybe it will turn around in the Spring?
Last Man Standing "Spanking" (S03E10): Mike's dad babysits Boyd, but he swats the kid's behind when he talks back. [the return of Mike's dad some more, eh?] Mike and Ryan are both against spanking, though Vanessa used that technique on occasion. [but apparently only on Kristin?? I would have liked to find out more behind that...] Kristin soon winds up spanking Boyd when he runs out into a parking lot, and she freaks out over doing it, blaming Vanessa. Bud thinks that Mike is too sensitive because of his spankings growing up, but Mike thinks that he's a fine parent. Ryan wants to spoil his son because he was out of his life for three years, but he learns that bribery just won't work forever. [and the way he did it was terribly obvious and ridiculous!]

Mandy gets Kyle a hat, but Ed and Mike soon make fun of him. [Mandy changed her hair.] Ed tells Kyle that Mandy is trying to mark him as her property, so Kyle gets Mandy a gaudy necklace that says, "Mandy & Kyle." ["Tallahassee" as a safe word??] She is honest and says that she doesn't like it, and suggests that they return it and use the money to continue updating his wardrobe. [not the most polite thing to say, but very Mandy.] However, she quickly changes her mind when a woman hits on Kyle when he's wearing the hat. [I'm over Mandy.]

Also, Ryan treats Vanessa and Mike to dinner.

Last Man Standing "Elfie" (S03E11): After Boyd's Christmas play, the family goes back to Kristin's apartment to celebrate. Mike is upset that the place isn't decorated, but Ryan holds to celebrating the traditions of many cultures. [I have a lot to say about that, but I'll leave it alone for now.] When Kristin announces that she wants Boyd to open gifts at home Christmas morning, Vanessa cries. [... and I couldn't roll my eyes hard enough. c'mon, lady, BOYD DOESN'T LIVE THERE ANYMORE!] She then gives Boyd an elf doll that reports to Santa, but Ryan isn't happy about the scare tactic to behave. Eve, however, makes it work to her advantage, thanks to modern technology. Ryan gets more upset, as he doesn't believe in Christmas magic, having never experienced it as a child. [Ryan is such a bummer-person, to quote Go On.]

Mandy doesn't want to be bothered by unwanted gifts, so she tries to get the family to agree to pass on cash or just buy their own presents. However, she gets into the Christmas spirit when she learns that Blanca's niece, Maria, will spend Christmas without her father, who is a sailor overseas in Afghanistan. [but how did she have enough money to fly the guy home??!? we're not talking a red-eye from LAX to JFK, y'all!]
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