Friday, April 26, 2013

Big Bang: Sheldon is Upset, Raj is Feminine, Leonard has Passions

"If they didn't want to get yelled at by crazy nerds, they shouldn't have started a sci-fi channel." I thought that this was a great line by Leonard, and I laughed pretty hard. I'm not sure if it was my favorite part of the episode, or if the idea of "Sheldon face confetti" was the best image. Regardless, the use of three different plots isn't too common for this series, and though I worried that each would be shorted, I thought they worked out. The Penny-Leonard issue didn't need to be lengthened, the Sheldon-Amy story worked partly because of the speed of the pacing, and because Lucy isn't very exciting, I didn't care that she and Raj stumbled upon a concern and wrapped it so quickly. Three more episodes to go in the season (and next season is already a "go"), so we'll probably start seeing some closure or cliffhangers start developing next time - any predictions? I'm still going with Howard and Bernadette considering planning a family. Though, of course, there's still the tenure thing hanging in the balance. 

The Big Bang Theory "The Closure Alternative" (S06E21): When Leonard suggests Sheldon delete an Alphas episode from the DVR, he winds up telling his roommate that the sci-fi series has been canceled, news for which Sheldon was not ready. [I've always been amused by people who don't "know" that programs have been canceled. I remember reading TV Guide when I was eight or nine to learn about the futures of my TGIF programming.] Sheldon calls the network, and when complaining doesn't work, he pretends to be the VP of Programming to get the series back on the air. [I'm surprised that he didn't do a little more research in trying to pull it off convincingly, though.] Amy suggests that Sheldon might have a problem with closure, so she develops reconditioning exercises to stop him from being so obsessive about finishing things. She plays only part of a song, erases a partial game of tic-tac-toe, makes Sheldon put away a bunch of dominoes when he set them up but didn't knock them over, and only winds a jack-in-the-box part way. [I could care less about the tic-tac-toe or the jack-in-the-box, but the song and dominoes would have upset me.] In the end, after she leaves, he goes back and finishes doing everything. [as we all assumed he would, LoL.] He then calls Bruce Millers until he finds the one who wrote the season finale for Alphas, and asks him how he was planning to resolve the cliffhangers. [wow.] Sheldon doesn't like his responses. [I'm surprised the guy told him!]

Raj finds Lucy's blog, which mentions that she finds him a little feminine. [haha: "I always thought if I had a white name, it would be Gavin."] But, he doesn't want to be creepy and read it, though Howard disagrees. [by the way, Howard was there to set up a camera so Raj can watch his dog while he's at work. I don't know if that's "feminine," but I think it's a little crazy.] Raj tries to act more masculine but it fails. Fortunately, she explains that she meant he was sweet and thoughtful, so all is well.
Monty Brinton/CBS
Leonard decides to ask Penny to watch Buffy with him, but she only finds it "cute" and "fun." After a few episodes, she asks Bernadette what the draw is, but it turns out the real problem is that Penny is jealous of how passionate Leonard is about things. [I can understand that!]
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