Saturday, February 1, 2014

Last Man Standing: The Mysteries of Valentine's Day

My husband is very thoughtful about gifts, and he has been since before we were even dating. So, I have no way to relate to Vanessa not getting gifts on Valentine's Day, making this episode very amusing for me. I feel bad for the woman, as she wouldn't believe in a hundred years that her husband would send her roses on Valentine's Day! This is an attitude that has had several different influences on her daughters... Kristin is indifferent to the holiday, Mandy wants something considerate presents, and Eve wavers from ignorant of the occasion to obsessive. I really disliked seeing the bossy side of Eve, and seeing her bully the boys in the classroom left a sour taste in my mouth. A ROTC cadet may be a good match for her, but I don't want to see her be the next Mandy and change for a boy, either.

Last Man Standing "Tasers" (S03E15): It's Valentine's Day, so Eve decides to try getting a boyfriend, and invites three guys to be "finalists." She gives them a series of tests, but one guy walks out, saying he won't jump through hoops for her. [I'm shocked the other two boys stayed!] She decides to go with Andrew, who has liked her for years, but she promptly treats him poorly. [Mandy is supposed to be the b*tch in the family!] She then dumps him when he does everything for her, and winds up with Justin, the JROTC boy who won't cater to her every whim. [::eye roll::]
Mike gets Vanessa a stun-gun on (but not for) Valentine's Day. Flowers also get delivered, but with no card, the girls argue over who received them. [that's awkward!] Kyle wouldn't have the money for that arrangement, but Ryan wouldn't send them to Kristin's parents' house, Mike isn't that romantic, and Eve doesn't have a beau. Kristin suspects her boss, John, sent them, so she confronts him at work, only to learn that he is dating a coworker, Rachel. [SO awkward!] Eve tells Ryan about the situation, and he sneaks up on Kristin int he parking lot, and she accidentally tases him (having taken Vanessa's unwanted present). [you're KIDDING me!] Kyle carves a bird from soap for Mandy, but the rain turns it into bubbles.

It turns out that the flowers WERE from Mike, who thought it would be a big surprise for his wife. However, it's such a surprise that she refuses to believe him until the card is finally found in the bushes! [the vlog dissing Valentine's Day was a bit harsh.]
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