Saturday, March 8, 2014

Last Man Standing: People are Not Dogs

I'm going to open with the fact that I would have let Eve go on that trip. I'm not a parent, so I can't relate to the situation exactly, but I am a firm believer in treating each child as an individual, so thinking that Eve would act slutty out of nowhere just because both her sisters were is uncalled for. Besides, while we know that Vanessa doesn't think she knows her daughter, Mike has demonstrated a good relationship with Eve, and although he hasn't met Justin, you'd think that he would be able to trust that his daughter really is on the trip to show off her hard work, not to get some alone-time with a boy. Of course, Muffin managed to get some private time with another dog right under Mike's nose, but that dog is randomly around anyway...

Last Man Standing "Stud Muffin" (S03E16): Chuck is upset that his purebred German Shepherd, Lady, is pregnant by Muffin, the Baxters’ dog. The girls want one of the puppies, but Chuck wants to abort the “monster puppies.” [I had never thought about animal abortions so I had to ask around... turns out, it sure is a thing!] To make matters worse, Chuck has moved out, and Vanessa feels bad that Carol didn’t share that with her. Mike gets Muffin ‘fixed,’ then talks to Chuck, learning that the former marine isn’t sure what his new purpose is in life now that he’s retired. [where is this going?]

Mandy hit a parked van but Eve is the one who leaves a note. The driver owns an electronics store, and gives Mandy an iPad for her integrity. [um, the Baxters don't make Mandy share with Eve in this situation??] But, she wants to return it for cash because it is only the base model. [... and this is why there are horrible people in the world.]

Last Man Standing "Eve's Boyfriend" (S03E17): Eve goes on a date, and Vanessa wants all the details. Eve shares that Justin is religious, and has signed a purity pledge, but Mike doesn't believe it. [gutting racks on sale for fathers with teenage daughters, haha!] Eve is scheduled to go on an overnight JROTC camping trip, but when Kristin and Mandy learn that Justin will also be along, they tease her and then make sure their parents know. [what kind of sisters wouldn't keep that quiet? who tells on something like that??]
Kristin is shocked that Eve wouldn't do the same things she would, but Eve goes ahead and goes out the window and on the trip anyway. Mike goes after her, but doesn't get there until hours afterward. [not sure why there's like a half-day gap in there...] When he realizes that Eve didn't want to let down her squad, he decides to let her stay, but he'll just chaperone. [that's a justifiable solution!]
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