Tuesday, April 15, 2014

FWBL: Not Looking Good

This show is not getting any better. The pilot didn't live up to the hype, in my opinion, and this episode, while a nice fit for CBS, focused too much on sex to interest me. I'm going to need more if they want me to stick around. It would be nice if the relationships built in the first episode came out more in this one, and if the jokes were a little more mature. Most importantly, however, it would have been great to know WHY 4+ months have passed in the show's timeline since the previous episode! That seemed absolutely ridiculous and unexplained, bothering me to my core. What are you thinking at this point?

Friends with Better Lives "Window Pain" (S01E02): Will is back on the market, and because he hasn't dated since 1998, Kate helps him get back out there. At first, he tries to do it without her, but quickly learns in a grocery store that "being a doctor" isn't the great selling point he thought it would be. He doesn't know what to say to women... at all... so he tries to play a "man of few words." But, the only woman into him wants a threesome, and because he just wants to move on and experience sex with someone besides his ex-wife, he keeps that fact from Kate. The friends wind up competing for the woman's attention, which comes back to bite them.
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Back at home, Andi is pregnant again, and goes from the high-powered sense of smell stage to the deeply passionate stage, and beyond. Also, Jules is struggling with being a vegetarian around Lowell. 
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