Saturday, April 19, 2014

Instant Mom: Is Gabby a "Good Kid" ??

One thing that bothers me about Instant Mom is the lack of press material available. The official site only ever had photos of the first few episodes, and even the facebook page doesn't have a great selection. The image below is clearly from a rehearsal, for crying aloud!
Rant aside, this was a decently funny episode, with Stephanie remembering her own teenage years and seeing them in Gabby, despite the two not having a lot in common. I had a similar problem growing up - my mom was convinced that I (and my sister) was a bad kid who was out doing drugs and having sex, when I was going to Bible studies and playing board games at parties. On the converse, my husband is convinced that our potential future children won't be good kids like we were, and already doesn't trust them in various situations. I guess everyone has their own paranoid thoughts in one way or another... 

Instant Mom "Buy Any Jeans Necessary" (S01E19): James has started selling unopened gifts that Charlie and Stephanie received for their wedding, and enlists Aaron to help. Gabby finds out and blackmails James for $200 because Stephanie won't buy her jeans that expensive. [if Stephanie was trying to teach Gabby about bargain shopping, why were they even in a store that sells apparel that excessive?] But, the security tag is still on the pants, and Gabby destroyed the receipt so she wouldn't get into trouble. So, when she brings them back to the mall to have the tag removed, she's busted for shoplifting. [seriously? those cameras aren't real?? isn't that how DJ and Stephanie got caught on Full House?]

Charlie believes that Gabby didn't steal the jeans, but Stephanie doesn't. [who would have guessed that Stephanie was a real wild child??] When asked where she got the money, Gabby says a friend loaned it to her, so Stephanie grills the friend. [omg!] James then comes clean because he's feeling guilty, but neither Stephanie nor Charlie believe his story. [ha!] In the end, Stephanie sells the pants online, and Gabby just re-buys them! [what sort of resolution was that??]
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