Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Middle: Sue isn't 12 anymore...

Sue is really growing up. She's thinking about college, planning her activities around dates with her boyfriend, and even sharing with her father what she's picturing for her "first time." Because of Sue's eternal optimism, conservative child-like fashion sense, and naivety about other students not liking her, it's a little tough to swallow that the middle Heck is growing up. Next season (I hope!) she'll be a senior in high school, and although she's a sweet girl who deserves a bright future, she's not getting a full-ride somewhere like her brother did... but she'll make sure that she's prepared to make it in college and life, a skill Axl sorely lacks. You'll notice I'm focused on her academic rather than social life, and with good reason... part of me stands by Mike... Darrin may be a "good guy," but he's 20 years old, which is a huge difference compared to Sue. I'm curious as to whether the "Christmas tree" comment is foreshadowing... let's hope not. (and not just because of Sue's allergy!]  
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The Middle "The Optimist" (S05E20): Sue is starting to freak out about college, and has been working around the clock writing scholarship essays and studying SAT words. [I remember scholarship season! That really was a rough time... I think I spent $20 on stamps to mail applications!] When she gets turned down for one scholarship, Frankie worries and gets a Groupon for a janky spa. [so gross! I'm pretty sure I would have left and not gotten into that water!]

Frankie realizes that she never mailed some "reminder" cards for work, and the dentist's office has no patients. [how did they not see that coming in advance when the appointment book was empty?] She tries to remedy the situation, but she needs a few more lies to cover her. [the song thing was a bit too much of a stretch.]

Axl and Hutch are out of meal-plan points before the semester ends, but still want to bulk-up for spring football season, so they go raid the Hecks' kitchen, and eat all they can. [is this a glimpse into the future for Axl off the team?]

Brick says that he's having a rough time at school, so when Mike sees a girl messing with him, he yells at her. But, it turns out that Piper is one of Brick's only friends, and she now thinks of Mike as a bully. [how weird.] Mike apologizes to Brick, but Brick thinks Piper deserves the apology, and sets up a meeting between Mike and Piper at school, then the park, then a family restaurant with the girl's parents. [so weird!] When Mike actually apologizes, Piper doesn't take it well. 

The Middle "Office Hours" (S05E21): Frankie believes that the car has been stolen from the dentist's parking lot... until someone points out to Frankie that she parked in the back lot one day, and the car has been sitting there ever since! [ugh! I remember thinking someone stole my car once when I was in graduate school... turned out I went to the lot where I had parked it the day before, and remembered after like three seconds of panic, LoL.] The whole family makes fun of Frankie's memory, so she decides she won't help the family remember their lives anymore, and to have more time to herself and less on her plate, she establishes "office hours" between 5 and 6pm. [Sue has scoliosis?] Axl loses an apartment because he doesn't call Frankie earlier on a day that the deposit check is due, ending "office hours" because the kids have emergencies. [I liked how Frankie told Axl that she won't read him his notes but she'll fax them to him. where is that kid accessing a fax machine?] However, this puts Frankie's head clouds one more... so much so that she accidentally drives to her old job at the car dealership! [ha! I can't believe they re-created that set and brought in the actors for a ten-second shot! maybe they'll return again before the season is over?]

Darrin is hanging around the Heck house a lot, and to get them out of the living room, Mike lets her entertain him in her room, as long as they keep the door open. But, he still hears them being cute, so he sends them down to the basement. But, then he catches them making out (see above photo), and gives Darrin a sports analogy to tell him to keep his hands off Sue. Sue confronts her dad about it, and makes it clear that she's not trying to be intimate with Darrin, but she is going to kiss him.

Brick has elderly women from his book club over to the house. 
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