Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer 2014 TCA: Going Deep with David Rees

National Geographic Channels always brings the best of the best of their programming to the summer tour, and today was no different. Eight presentations in under three hours results in various reactions in this crowd, but NatGeo pulled through. One of their features begins next week, and it's definitely different.
National Geographic Channels/Joey L
Going Deep with David Rees is an interesting title for the series, as each episode will "navigate the whys, hows, and what-ifs of everyday experiences," which certainly doesn't seem to lend itself to a deep program. However, it does have a strangely captivating angle anyway, with David teaching viewers everything from tying symmetrical shoelace knots to freezing the perfect ice cube for beverages to how to light a match. It may seem simplistic and eye-roll-inducing, but Rees demonstrated a methodology behind folding and flying a paper airplane. It involved deep creases using a popsicle stick as if it was a bone. If that doesn't convince you that there are different perspectives on how to do everything, I don't know what would. I struggled to follow along, so I can only imagine how baffled I may be as to how swatting a fly is supposed to work. 

Rees has a bit of an odd sense of humor (just take a look at the quote in his photo above), but his list of accolades includes comedian, writer, entrepreneur, and DJ, so one might expect him to be a bit eclectic. I mean, he has a best-selling 200-page book called How to Sharpen Pencils, complete with illustrations. I'm curious as to the topic of his next published work.

Tune in to NGC Monday, July 14th at 10pm, and prepare to feel idiotic about how you have been doing things your whole life!
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