Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer 2014 TCA: Reelz's Living with the Jacksons

Now that Michael Jackson's death is five years behind us, the family is finally able to live outside of the "Jackson Bubble," and has invited cameras inside of their home for a six-episode limited series event, Living with the Jacksons, to premiere on Reelz this fall.
The series focuses on Alejandra's family, which can be a little confusing... her children are Genevieve and Randy Jr. by Randy Jackson, and Jaafar and Jermajesty by Jermaine Jackson, plus Donte, who was originally adopted by Joe and Katherine Jackson. All were present at the panel today, and did not openly admit to having any issues with their cousins being their half-siblings, or an uncle acting as a father figure. They all live together, and collaboratively afford their house outside of the sheltered Jackson Family Estate, though they still get together with their cousins at least every weekend... and there are 29 family members in the generation!

Family has long been important to the Jackson clan, and Genevieve, Randy Jr., and Jaafar all have memories of playing with the Uncle Michael at the Neverland Ranch - riding the attractions, eating candy, and even tossing water balloons at one another. Alejandra recalls Michael as "tender and child-like," and his presence causing "the whole house [to] come alive," as "he was just such a wonderful person."

Although they find nothing unusual about their own family makeup, they do have a lot of trust issues of the outside world, due to growing up in a fishbowl of sorts. Randy Jr., 21 years old, sometimes introduces himself with a different surname to avoid having people judge him on his family history. Each member of the family hopes to make their own individual marks in the world, so tune in to find out more about their interests and what their lives are really like.

Watch Living with the Jacksons on Reelz beginning November 18th at 8pm ET/PT. Reelz can be found on 238 DirecTV, 299 DISH, 233 FiOS, and 799/1799 U-Verse, plus other carriers.
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