Friday, August 15, 2014

Fun Friday: Comic-Con Comes to Sesame Street

When I was young, my favorite thing about Sesame Street was learning the signs for different words, courtesy of Linda. My next favorite part, however, was the songs that taught you things about numbers, like "Martian Beauty Number 9."

I was greatly looking forward to the Sunday morning Comic-Con panel, "Spoofs on the Street," and was tickled pink by the lengthy clip shown near the beginning of the session: Numeric-Con. It was smart and educational and funny, and I look forward to it airing on PBS this season (and not just so people will understand my Numeric-Con t-shirt!). Here's a little taste of the greatness that will be featured:

Don't you just love The Dark Nine? Doctor Two? Fiverine? Capten Kirk? I swear, the jokes get SO MUCH BETTER you won't believe it. Wait until you see Elmo encounter Bert! When the episode is set to air, we'll be sure to let you know!
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