Saturday, August 16, 2014

Girl Meets World: Parents

It has already been explained that Farkle, like his father before him, counts his As. What's new, however, is the idea that Topanga and Riley might have as many As as the father-son duo, which suggests that Riley is more her mother's daughter than her fathers; Cory was known as more of an average student on Boy Meets World. While the return of Stuart Minkus was fun for long-time fans, it also brought up some questions for the viewer... if Minkus is incredibly wealthy (as illustrated by arriving via helicopter), why is Farkle attending this public school rather than a more exclusive one?
Girl Meets World "Girl Meets Maya's Mother" (S01E07): It's career day in Cory's class, and Topanga comes in to talk about being a lawyer. [remember when Mr. Turner hosted career day and Alan handed out coupons as he talked about being a grocer??] When Farkle's father arrives, he believes that Maya and Riley are the girls are always after his son, and they're polite enough to play along.  [Cory didn't obsess over Topanga at the same time Minkus did, so the rivalry was a bit odd. "do you have a helicopter, Cory?" "Nope, do you have a Topanga, Minkus?"] Maya's mother, Katy, shows up a day late, with a tall tale about having a baby in the Colorado River the day before. [I didn't even understand what the point of this shenanigan was!] In reality, she was auditioning for a soap opera, as she's an unsuccessful actress who really just waitresses. [what was with Maya's "our imaginary father" line??]

For art class, Farkle poses in a singlet, and Maya once again astounds everyone with her drawings. [a 48-pound seventh grader? that's pretty undersized.] Maya is asked to submit a piece of artwork to the school exhibit, but she'd rather avoid the spotlight. But, Riley decides that her talent is helping people (and she sees that as superior to her father's close-up magic skills and her mother's hip-shaking abilities), so she enters Maya in the show and invites Katy to attend. [I didn't really "get" the hip thing, and can't recall Cory ever doing magic before...] Maya gets upset, the girls have a paint fight, and in the end the Matthews support Maya in the show because Katy doesn't come anyway. [I was dumb and didn't get the "half of the woman" in the painting until Farkle mentioned it, LoL.] Riley goes to the diner to talk to Katy, and learns that the woman feels she's not good enough for her daughter. [just like Chet thinking Shawn was better off with Turner or the Matthews family.]

Additional notable similarities to the original series abound in this episode, including a showcase of Cory's love/preoccupation with mashed potatoes, and the idea that sharing a parent is tough. Eric once explained how tough it is for two sons to share a father using a metaphor that half a coconut isn't enough for either monkey, but here we saw Maya happy to have half a tuna melt, because having half a mom was still better than no mom at all.
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