Sunday, July 27, 2014

Girl Meets World: Tradition and Failure

Yes, this show is a little saccharine (see image below). But I rather adore how cute it is. That said, the episode naming scheme is crossing the line. I don't know what sparked the idea to roll with the titles describing what Riley will encounter next, but I also appreciate seeing what parenting obstacles Cory and Topanga must face as well. The idea that "I just don't want to fail" is one that I face regularly, and would like to see illustrated and conquered by multiple characters on this series. Fortunately, with it already coming up for Maya and Cory, I think it will be an ongoing theme. What other recurring topics would you like this family comedy to tackle?

Girl Meets World "Girl Meets Father" (S01E04): Maya gets an F on a paper about Darwin, and claims that she must be a failure and Cory has nothing more to teach her. [Shawn says this to Feeny!] Despite the fact that Maya walks out, Riley believes that nothing will change. [um, hello... Cory believing that nothing will change between him and Shawn over and over!] Maya skips school and starts an online program... only to fail immediately. Cory helps Maya realize that she needs to stop trying to sound smart and just say what she knows, because she knows things. [how do the girls leave earlier for school than Cory does?] Maya admits that her father has moved out to live with another family. [Shawn would tell Cory things about his home life that nobody else knew.] 

Farkle wants to dance with the girls at the upcoming event, to which Riley wants to wear makeup. Topanga turns her down,but the bigger issue is that the dance conflicts with the final night of the season at Coney Island. For the Matthews family, that means it's time for the annual "ride the Cyclone" night, which Cory deeply adores. [Maya not wanting to attend the school dance is apparently only a passing thought. Cory asking Topanga to make it all better reminded me of many times in Boy Meets World, particularly when he thought she could save premature Joshua.] Cory eventually realizes that his daughter is growing up, but still has a father-daughter dance to end the school night... and he does it with Maya. [um, I think Riley is a little young to understand the logic there, and would have probably seemed a little more jealous.] 

Another notable similarity to the original series: Farkle counts the number of As he has received, much like Minkus did on Boy Meets World.
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