Sunday, July 27, 2014

2014 Comic-Con: Sunday's TV Fun

Comic-Con may be four days long, but it goes by in a flash. By the time Sunday morning hits, you're already sad that there's only eight hours left in the weekend of fun. But, I've had some awesome Sundays (2013 had TWO DuckTales sing-alongs and Jymn Magon's autograph!), and this one followed in that tradition. I may have only attended four panels, but will definitely carry with me the memories of other events of the day! The day was mostly focused on comics and culture, however, so only a little bit of television stuff to report...

Sesame Street & Pop Culture: 45 Years of Spoofs on the 'Street,' with EP Carol-Lynn Parente, and Muppeteers Eric Jacobson (Grover and Bert), Joey Mazzarino (Murray Monster and head writer/director), and David Rudman (Cookie Monster and Baby Bear).
- the 45th season begins September 15th, and upcoming spoofs include Game of Thrones, Age of Ultron, and House of Cards.
- we saw the Numeric-Con spoof for Comic-Con and the Star S'mores spoof for Star Wars.
- the episodes that center around incarceration, deployed parents, etc. are handled by a different writers' group than the main episodes.
- Grover is the Ryan Seacrest of Sesame Street... he has like seventeen jobs!
- If the panelists had to choose another Sesame Street character to accompany them in line, Murray would choose Snuffy, Grover would choose Murray, and Cookie Monster would choose Herbert Birdsfoot (a Jerry Nelson Muppet from the 70s).
- not only was this the only panel I went to this Con where I received swag (limited Bert & Ernie poster), but it was also my only sing-along! (too bad we only did the first verse of the theme song, though!)
Sesame Street Autographs, with David Rudman, Eric Jacobson, and Joey Mazzarino.
- because the autographs were pre-signed photos, fans were able to chat with each Muppet/Muppeteer and take photos as we moved through the line. That was more exciting than I expected, but I wish I had brought someone with me, because the front-facing camera on my phone doesn't have the best resolution.

** find more pictures of these panels, plus others, the exhibit floor, and off-site events at our SmugMug site!  
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