Monday, July 28, 2014

Falling Skies: Taking Opposing Sides

I'm not really much of a science fiction person. Longtime readers know that I never meant to watch Falling Skies, and at this point I'm ready for the fifth season to come and this series to end. That's sad to say, especially because I just came from Comic-Con and sat in a room of a couple thousand fans of the show, but it's true. This latest episode finally got everyone back together (which had been my primary complaint thus far this season), and I'll admit that it's interesting to see Tom and Hal on opposite sides of an issue. However, this Ben-Maggie-Hal wannabe love triangle is enough to make me gag, and Weaver becoming all sentimental because he has lost his child (for like the fourth time) makes me glaze over and stop paying attention. There's still time for this season to turn around, but they need to make some decisions pretty quickly... 

Falling Skies "Door Number Three" (S04E06): Ben dreams of being intimate with Maggie when Hal gets home, bleeding from the chest. [when did this shenanigan start to come about, anyway?] Fortunately, when Hal, Pope, and that group really arrive, no major scenes are made. Soon afterward, Tom, Weaver, and Matt also join, and that's when the latest happenings with Lexi are shared. And, by latest happenings, in addition to controlling the weather to some degree and meeting with the Espheni, Lexi has now enveloped herself into a cocoon. [because there's no limit to the weird on this program.]
Anne wants to destroy it immediately, but because she has escaped from one before, Dr. Kadar tries a medicine to help her repressed memories surface. [... and now, for some reason, the writers want us to know that Anne had a son named Sammy at one point.] As she tries to put together the pieces, Tom fights to keep Lexi safe, as Hal, Pope, and a large group want to get to the bottom of what Lexi is.
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