Monday, July 7, 2014

Falling Skies: Condensing Groups

I'm really glad that Anne's group has merged with Ben/Lexi/Maggie, and that Tom/Hal/Pope/Weaver are now free and on the move, because I am definitely not a fan of these multiple-location storylines. Matt in the re-education camp is unique enough that I can handle it, but the four distinct sets of happenings was really getting on my nerves, and it's only the third episode of the season! In all seriousness, though, I think that this series has endless possibilities (based on how we've seen it grow to this point), but I don't think that it should keep going. Take the rest of the season to get it to a non-cliffhanger point, and retire the drama. Maybe I'm biased because I can only take so many supernatural elements on television, but I can't keep running with how far-fetched this drama is getting.

Falling Skies "Exodus" (S04E03): Tom and Hal chat about Led Zeppelin while discussing if they'll really be able to break out before problems start to take place in another 60 or so hours. A suit is made to let someone climb over the fenceand deactivate it with a bomb... in ninety seconds. [that seems like no time at all!] Then, everyone will escape through the tunnels. Though he's not the most trusted individual, Pope winds up being the one to do it, and drops the bag with the bomb, which takes so much time to retrieve that his suit begins to fall apart and he's hurt. He activates the bomb, and knocked unconscious as it doesn't completely sever the tie to the blimp. [haha, funny that the Masons were discussing Zeppelin, eh?]
Then, two elderly people fall behind in the evacuation and a skitter follows them, causing ruckus on the other end of the escape as Hal leads the fight. [not gonna lie, I actually got a little worried for the people there.] Fortunately, Tom rides around on a motorcycle to get skitters to chase him, leading many away from the people barricaded near the fence. Pope gains consciousness and busts the fence's one remaining thread, as Tom annihilates a large group of skitters. [that was pretty cool, actually.] Only one casualty occurred in all of this, but it is unclear whether the group will remain a unit with their first taste of freedom in four months. 

Ben tells Maggie about Alexis in the woods with the Espheni. They confront her, and Lexi breaks Maggie's wrist. [what the hell?? this girl is above every law, huh?] Maggie pulls a gun on her, but they manage to resolve things amicably.

Anne collapses because she has been giving away her rations. She dreams of the Espheni impregnating her and knows Lexi is close, so when she comes to, they are soon able to locate Lexi, Ben, and the cult followers. [yeah, there's two different cults on this series now, and that weirds me out!]

Sheila brought in her parents to the re-education camp, and although her dad buys into the ruse immediately, her mom is upset. Matt's friend is worried that she's not strong enough to avoid the brainwashing, and when she steals some pliers, he takes the blame. [man, those Mason men are admirable and good-hearted!] 
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