Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Under the Dome: Unraveling

Lyle is on the loose, there are many people with bits and pieces of unshared information that could potentially help Chester's Mill, Rebecca is still dangerous, and scheming has become the way of life. Things Under the Dome are looking bleaker and bleaker, so Stephen King fans are probably nicely settled in for the remainder of the season. However, the non-readers may not be as attached, as the viewing numbers are down to about half of what they were last season. Still, it's highly speculated that the series will get a third season, so who knows. Personally, I'm in it at this point purely because it has reached trainwreck status in my eyes and I can't look away. 

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Under the Dome "Revelation" (S02E04): The census suggests the mother who birthed the first Dome baby is the next to go, and Rebecca wastes no time determining how that will happen. She takes blood from a diseased piglet carcass, and injects eggs to grow a virus. Sam and Julia figure out what's going on as Rebecca continues to sell BigJim on the idea that this way, only those who are strong enough to fight the illness will survive. [weird pants on Julia.] Rebecca claims that they only have 7 days of food left, so they plan to put the virus in the water source at the diner or in the church, but Julia stops them, and warns Rebecca that the virus is stronger than initially thought. [Rebecca: "a virus is nature's way of leveling the playing field."] Both Rebecca and BigJim spend the night in jail.

Norrie doesn't believe that DomeGirl is Melanie, but Barbie leads the teens to use microfiche at the library, where they learn that Melanie vanished. She then wants to go to her old house, and once they're there, she recognizes a drawing she made of pink stars falling in the woods. [now they have a new house they can stay in!] They head to the woods, and Melanie has flashbacks of Pauline, Sam, and Lyle with her, looking at a meteorite that they all touch. It explodes, they find an egg, and Melanie tried to protect it, only for Sam to accidentally kill her by pushing her back toward the meteorite, where she fell and hit her head. [and the deep marks on Sam's shoulder suggest he's Angie's killer, too.] Barbie digs until they hit the meteor... and they find Melanie's necklace.

Junior frees Lyle from prison, and learns that he helped Pauline escape, and she sent him postcards telling the story of the impending Dome. [I'm kinda over the clairvoyance part of this show.] When they find Pauline's old journal, Lyle whacks Junior and runs out with the book. Barbie and the kids find Junior, then Barbie goes to talk to Julia, but she won't speak to him because it seemed he was on-board with Rebecca's Darwin scheme.

Under the Dome "Reconciliation" (S02E05): [The internet was two days ago] BigJim and Rebecca need a lawyer, and Carolyn takes the case. Phil goes to the jail to break out BigJim, but he just has Phil sabotage Julia. [that definitely sounds like BigJim!] Julia institutes a voluntary food-sharing program to make sure nobody goes hungry, but there's an explosion that destroys a lot of the food. Carolyn suspects Phil when she sees a stocked storage closet, and he beats her. [not that surprising for a man who has already shot someone when a small riot broke out!] Barbie shoots him in the shoulder, while Julia learns that there's more food around, thanks to Lloyd, who was a survivalist and left his wife with a lot of hoarded non-perishables. Julia also wants Barbie to take over as sheriff, but he's not initially keen on the idea.  

Barbie fills in Julia about Melanie while the kids are out seeing if Melanie will have visions when she touches the Dome. Norrie insults Melanie, Joe kisses the ghost, and then they decide to compare their blood samples... only they don't know what they're looking for and need Rebecca's help. [are we out of medical personnel at this point?]

Sam digs out a wooden box with papers in it from Pauline's journal, and plants them in Lyle's barbershop. This makes Junior think Lyle killed Angie, and and he shares the other "hands" with Sam. Sam gets Junior drunk and plans to smother him with a pillow, but he doesn't go through with it. Instead, they return the school locker and discover a tunnel underneath. [uh huh. because that seems likely. ::eye roll::]
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