Tuesday, July 1, 2014

RETURNING: Under the Dome: Startling Start

Under the Dome wastes no time getting the ball rolling with its second season! Two major characters are killed off, two more may have been introduced, and the health and safety of Chester's Mill is in danger in a whole new way. For those who have read the titular novel, maybe these weren't that surprising, but I sure was taken aback by what's transpiring for this season! You've definitely got my attention, CBS, so hopefully you'll be able to deliver!

Under the Dome "Heads Will Roll" (S02E01): Only three weeks have passed since the dome came down, and the season picks up right where last season left off - Big Jim and Junior are about to hang Barbie when people are mysteriously fainting, and it turns out to be that the dome is now magnetic. [seriously? what's next? it dehydrates things?] This kills Linda, who gets trapped between the Dome and and SUV. [darn!] Phil gets her spot on the police force.

Now free, Barbie meets Rebecca, a high school science teacher who has been studying the dome, and they try to use an ultra-strong magnet to counteract the EMP contractions she believes are making everyone sick. [we could use another smart character, but she seems a little off...] Joe, Angie, and Norrie are very nearly seriously injured when trying to help the latter's mother, as the house collapses due to the metal being sucked from it. Because of this, they'll all be staying at Big Jim's. [keep your enemies close!] And, speaking of mothers, while unconscious, Junior envisions his. [hmmm...]
Similarly, Big Jim sees the ghost of Dodee, then of Linda, and realizes he must hang himself in sacrifice to save his son. [glad we had some Dodee!] Julia can't bring herself to do it, then cuts the rope so he lives... believing the Dome wants them to end the killing. The Dome calms down and everyone gains consciousness.

Elsewhere, in the woods, a guy (who turns out to be Big Jim's late wife's alcoholic brother) comes to the lake where Julia is saving a woman from drowning. [who comes out of nowhere, by the way.] A former EMT, he re-stitches Julia, and then Julia heads to town... as does the girl. This leaves the man alone, and he pulls out a book of paintings, including an image that looks like the girl, as well one of four red hands. [this is creepy.] He heads to town to look for the girl, whom Norrie followed into the school. But, when Norrie looks into the same locker the girl did, an ax comes out and kills her. [wow! first, I didn't see that coming. Now, I wonder if that means all four of the "chosen ones" must die...?]
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