Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Switched at Birth: Surprises

I'm really glad that we're seeing Daphne's adventures in figuring out what to major in, where to apply, and how to pay for it. We've had a little of that with Emmett, Travis, and Bay, but this show hasn't really done a good job of depicting the many stresses that high school seniors face. But, that's not really the big focus now, either, as Emmett is getting a baby brother whom will undoubtedly be mistaken for his son at some point, and Kathryn seems to be trading a BFF her husband couldn't stand for a BFF who has a mixed history with John. Throw in the fact that Travis is still family-less, and there remain some very peculiar dynamics on this program, though it still has many directions it can take!

Switched at Birth "Oh, Future" (S03E14): Daphne does some research on schools with pre-med programs, and starts feeling silly when she sees the cost. [ha! and she's only looking at undergrad!] She looks into scholarships, but Bay suggests she just ask John and Kathryn, who would be more than happy to help. Daphne wouldn't feel right, though, so Bay takes it upon herself to bring it up to her parents, who then talk to Regina about it. However, Regina is worried that Daphne will gain a feeling of entitlement, and turns them down. [ouch.] Daphne keeps at it, studying for the SAT with Sharee and doing an interview for a Latina scholarship. Her chances are compromised, however, when she can't think of an instance where she's been discriminated against because of her Puerto Rican heritage. [and she can't make up something? anything East Riverside-y would have probably worked!] Regina, however, decides to let John and Kathryn support Daphne through school after all, so the major worries are alleviated.

Cameron and Debbie have a housewarming party, and Bay talks Emmett into going, and Gabe brings Melody. Bay and Emmett tell everyone they're back together, but that's the least of the news at this party. Turns out, Debbie and Cameron get married on the spot, making both Emmett and Melody uncomfortable. Shortly thereafter, Debbie's pregnancy is announced - she's expecting a boy! [why have a scene where Bay learns ten minutes before the rest of the crowd?] Emmett finds out with the crowd, and he gets upset, though he later makes his peace with the addition to the family. Oh, and there was a looming possibility that Melody was moving to Madison, WI, but that died out quickly.

MaryBeth and Travis head to a BBQ restaurant in hopes of running into a deaf pro football player he idolizes, and are thrilled beyond belief when they get to chat for two seconds.  
Kathryn meets with Sara and is successful in both trying to stop the lawsuit and in standing up for herself against her editor. In other news, Sara's version of the Kennish-Vasquez story is being made into a TV movie. [are these two going to be friends now?]
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