Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mistresses: What You'd Expect

Well, we now know that April's shoppe is in Culver City! Otherwise, the series is really just plodding along, acting like a typical soap opera. The writers throw in a few moments with the girls working each episode, but otherwise center the drama elsewhere, bringing in new characters and complicating relationships at every opportunity. At this point, April and Daniel are on a slippery slope, Savi is thisclose from cheating on Dom with Zack, Karen's secret nightly romps are undoubtedly headed toward danger, and Joss is dying to get into a man's shoes. Mistresses may not be the most original show on television, but it's amusing enough to keep me tuning in each Monday night!

Mistresses "Friends with Benefits" (S02E04): Zack, the driver of the car that hit Savi, comes to her, complaining that he can't get work or money, and that he has crappy insurance. When she asks him if he's after money, he storms out. At work, Dom wants to go public with their relationship, so they speak with HR. [wow. that's bound to have repercussions!] Savi sends Zack Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets, and he comes over again... and she breaks down, telling him how she was supposed to be a mother at this point but she lost that. [good. I'm glad that the series is addressing that fact.]
Speaking of going public, April and Daniel decide to have dinner with Savi, Dom, and Karen, but April makes it awkward by limiting the topics of conversations. [taking away 15 years of stories was a bit much.] Daniel realizes that everyone is holding back, making him wary of his future with April. [well, yeah.] She apologizes, mentions a few basics about Paul, and they reconnect. But, when April isn't in the room, "Jessica" calls Daniel, so maybe he's not all he's cracked up to be. [hmmm...]

Karen meets Shawn, an online potential beau. He googled her, so he asks about the Sam/Elizabeth case, which is awkward. [ouch! also, why did she not assume he'd Google her?] Karen realizes she's not a good candidate for internet-dating, so Joss tells her she'll have to meet a man in real life. [because he wouldn't Google her??] Karen learns that one of her clients is an escort, and the therapist clings to the idea of not being alone and feeling wanted, and gives it a try, complete with false name and occupation.

Joss and Harry's previous client invites them to a charity dinner, though Harry wonders if networking is worth a $5,000 table. [eek!] They struggle to fill their table, as Joss can't invite Savi, April, and Karen because of Harry. [that sucks.] Fortunately, Kira knows some people... and even brings along a blind date for Joss, without telling her. [what the heck?!?] The blind date sends Joss a labradoodle the next day, and although she only landed one event through mingling, Harry got two more, so it wasn't a total loss.

Mistresses "Playing with Fire" (S02E05): Savi agrees to go to the concert with Zack, now that they've known each other for a few weeks. She also gets a tattoo, and that leads Joss to lead an intervention for her sister. [yikes!] Savi and Dom almost don't interact this episode, and that may become a thing, as the company decides that they can no longer collaborate on the same cased. [ugh. hate that Toni!]

Karen has done the escort thing nine times now, and tells April about it, who worries for her friend's safety. [yeah, I could see it becoming an issue.] Karen tries to stop, but finds her life boring, so returns to that life... only to see Daniel at a bar, shortly after he and April admitted loving one another. [uh oh. plus, Lucy is now involved!] She tells April, who thinks he's in Vermont so she snoops around his apartment and finds a picture of him with another woman. [meh.] Later, he calls, pretending to be in Vermont but really getting fast food with someone else. [what is this guy's deal?] Meanwhile, Karen decides to go up to a man's hotel room and be intimate. [this seems like a fine line toward prostitution... no?]

It's been a year since Joss & Alex's five-month relationship, but she's not fulfilled by Scott until he confesses that he has a designer shoe fetish. [I don't even know what to make of that.]
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