Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mistresses: April & Karen Get Interesting...

I'm chomping at the bit to find out more about the teased Karen-as-an-escort plotline, and I'm also interested in learning more about the parents at Lucy's school, given what we saw here! This is a marked improvement from the past couple of episodes, particularly the second one of the season. Joss effectively did nothing this episode, and all that's happening with Savi is she's getting deeper and deeper into a potential mess at work, but you can't win them all at the same time. On a different note, April's "gay BFF" came out of nowhere... I don't remember him making a lasting impression on me at any point, so why is he acting like he's always there for her? Not that this series couldn't use a regular male character with whom nobody was sleeping...

Mistresses "Open House" (S02E03): April is throwing a fundraising party for the parents of Lucy's classmates, but finds out the morning of the event that something elaborate is expected. [at least someone clued her in!] She wonders if she should cancel, but winds up having a party with splatter-painted topless men serving shots. [not the classiest, but okay...] April ends up with a coffee date that goes poorly... and then learns he's the parent of one of Lucy's friends. [why didn't we get to see more of that cocktail hour??] Lastly, April decides to get Lucy a phone because she wants her to fit in. 
Savi and Harry are moving forward with selling the house, but Harry is paranoid when some online commenters don't like the color of the guest bedroom. Savi takes off from work to prevent spending another thousand dollars on paint, which causes friction between her and Dominic. [this is growing anyway because of how Toni is playing her cards.] Then, Harry accepts an offer on the house without discussing it with her, but she gets her revenge... after yelling at him, she decides to accept an offer on her own. [whatever.]

Karen meets with Jacob (who got her license to practice suspended), and learns that he once had a thing for her to which she was oblivious. She decides she may indeed need to start dating again, but turns down Joss's offer to make her an online profile. However, she does decide to go out with a fellow doctor from the ER who previously showed interest... though it turns out badly. [I did not like Karen's black dress.] Karen doesn't understand how to find someone she's interested in who will also be interested in her, so she decides to take the easy way out again and asks out Jacob, but he turns her down. [ha!]
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