Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mistresses: Who Is Interesting?

As the plots begin to progress this season, I'm not sure whose I'm most interested in following. Karen had an interesting situation with the hallucinations, but that fizzled out before it going moving... or at least it seems that way. Joss and Harry working together could have been eventful, but that also appears to have gone the way of the Dodo. Savi returning to the workplace and keeping the secret that she's dating her boss should prove interesting, but the series is painting such a negative light on her officemate, Toni, that I can't stand her office life right now. And then there's April's budding romance with an artist, who is encouraging her to return to creating as well. I suppose that's the best route to take, but he'll probably be absent in the next episode, so April will probably have a mother-daughter plot for a while, proving less intriguing. Maybe Harry will be the spark that will ignite my passion for the drama this season...

Mistresses "Boundaries" (S02E02): At work, Toni is very friendly with Savi, though she also invites herself into a case that Savi just landed. Sharing a workspace begins to get stressful, so Savi suggests time-sharing the office. Bigger problems arise, however, when Toni tells Savi that she wants to have sex with Dom. [I don't like Savi's hair teased.] Savi confronts Dom, and Toni sees the two kissing in his office.
April accidentally leaves an earring at Daniel's, and when she goes to retrieve it, they spend 48 hours together before April must leave to pick-up Lucy from a school trip. [that's a long time to not leave someone's apartment.] She fears that he'll never call again, but he delivers a painting to her shoppe they creating with their bodies.

Karen has a session with Anna, but hallucinates seeing Elizabeth, who is possibly about to be released on parole. Karen is encouraged to write a statement so the woman isn't released, but when she goes to a psychiatric facility to see the review board, she runs into Elizabeth, who apologizes. Karen decides to have a session with Anna at her home to make the patient more comfortable. [but maybe more dangerous?] 

Harry books a gig for him and Joss, but it's the next day, causing Joss to panic. It's a 75-person fundraiser for locusts, with a Moroccan theme, sending Joss to April's store to grab stuff "on memo," though April's assistant doesn't understand how that works. Joss makes a few substitutes when she can't get everything the hostess desires on such short notice, and although it all works out, Joss never wants to work with Harry again. [yeah, that was a rather nightmarish situation!]
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