Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Special: Being Teen Dads

There are more than three dads from the Teen Mom trilogy that could have been used for this special, so I'm rather intrigued with the choices of Ryan from Teen Mom, and Jo and Corey from Teen Mom 2. Jo and Corey could have been easy selections, based on footage the producers had from recent seasons of Teen Mom 2, but that option wasn't really there with Ryan. Granted, Macy is such a fan-favorite that he's a good choice (especially over the likes of Gary or Adam), but I'm still curious... Gary could have made an interesting selection because of his sole guardianship of his daughter while Amber was in jail...

Teen Mom "Being Teen Dads" (Special):
Jo: He's 22 now, and Vee wants a ring, and seemingly, children. When his friend moves to California, Jo seems sad that he doesn't have the same freedom. [I just kinda shrugged at that.] Jo wants to run a food truck, and Vee wants to run a daycare... specifically in Florida, where she wants to settle down. [um, how does she see marrying Jo and moving to Florida in her future unless Javi gets stationed down there?] When Jo tells Vee he might not want more kids, she gets upset.
Corey: Ali is now wearing a "binder" for an hour a day to make it easier for her to move around because it supports her abdominal muscles. [otherwise, there really was no news there.]

Ryan: He met Shelby a year ago and is now working as a lineman for a power company. He and Shelby say they love one another, and plan to move in together, which upsets Bentley because he doesn't want to live in a different house. [awww.] Ryan's dad doesn't think the move is a good idea, either, fearing the couple will break up. [Ryan spying on Bentley at preschool was cute.]
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