Sunday, June 8, 2014

2014-2015 Season: FOX Comedy

With the era of Animation Domination behind us, FOX comedy has some work to do. I kinda feel like this will be an unproductive "building year," though. They had six new comedies up last year, though one (Us and Them) has yet to premiere, so four this year seems a bit light, especially when one is animated and one has a sole character to entertain the masses. And, with only Brooklyn Nine-Nine making it from last year's crop, FOX might be hoping that they have a hit or two this time around. Of course, only starting off one of the options in the fall is an interesting choice, and it's not the only one I'm going to back, at least for now. 

Red titles I'm not interested in. Green titles I'm going to try out. "Who" covers actors, writers, creators, etc. "Where" covers the location of the series. "What" describes the basics of the premise.

First, the fall premiere:

Who? John Mulaney (Saturday Night Live) Nasim Pedrad (Saturday Night Live), Elliot Gould (Reuben in the Ocean's films, among a million other things), Martin Short
Where? not sure, probably Los Angeles.
What? A 29-year-old is trying to make it as a stand-up comedian.
My Thoughts: Another semi-autobiographical series, NBC turned it down, and I don't need to watch people trying to make it in life and not succeeding. It's the bad part of Friends all over again.

Now, the mid-season guys:  

Weird Loners
Who? Becki Newton (Quinn on How I Met Your Mother and Chloe on last year's The Goodwin Games), Nate Torrence (Wade on Hello Ladies), Zachary Knighton (Dave on Happy Endings)
Where? Contemporary Queens
What? Four thirtysomething outsiders are thrown together.
My Thoughts: This is a show that I initially thought was garbage, but the more I think about it, I'm willing to give it a chance... I mean, in this day and age, commonality doesn't make friends, so why not?

The Last Man on Earth
Who? Will Forte is the creator and actor. You may know him from Saturday Night Live, or 20 Rock.
Where? North America, 2022. Perhaps there will be an emphasis on Oregon.
What? A former banker wanders the country in an RV, looking for any other survivors from an unknown event that seems to have wiped out everyone else in civilization.
My Thoughts: I am a bit surprised that FOX is going to hedge a bet on such an idea, with only one character and all. There have also been a great deal of post-apocalyptic movies and television shows in the past few years, so I'm not seeing this one as worth my time.

Who? As this is animated, voices include Alex Borstein (Lois on Family Guy) and Efren Ramirez (Pedro on Napoleon Dynamite) Seth MacFarlane is the creator.
a border town in Texas.
What? A border patrol agent and his family live next door to a successful immigrant and his family.
My Thoughts: Meh. It doesn't sound particularly interesting, and I feel like it's pretty similar to American Dad!, what with a conservative hating immigrants making it in America and all. I'm also not a Seth MacFarlane person, so no. 
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