Tuesday, June 3, 2014

RETURNING: Mistresses: Time Gap

When you have a cliffhanger season finale that you don't know how to write yourself out of, what do you do? That's right, skip ahead far enough that you don't have to deal with it. Rather than actually show Savi being devastated at the loss of her long-desired baby, Karen dealing with the aftermath of the death of a second patient in months, and the girls trying to keep up Savi's hopes as she spends months in surgery, recovery, and physical therapy, you bypass it all and pick up at a time when everyone is in good spirits once again. Well, everyone but Harry, maybe, who is now out of a job and selling the house. All in all, I can't say I'm a fan of how Mistresses skirted the various issues left at the end of last season, but I'm already not thrilled with the new set-ups being established: April is dating an artist and decides to return to creating once more, Karen divides her time between the emergency room and private practice, Joss is a celebrity party planner, and Savi returns to work only to be jealous of her office-mate, who also works for her boyfriend. Or maybe I just need to remind myself that this is a nighttime soap, after all...
ABC/Eric McCandless
Mistresses "Rebuild" (S02E01): [As we're focusing on the fact that so much time has passed, I've taken the liberty of emphasizing that point...]

Karen: Eight Months Later, Sam is dead, and Karen has been working in the ER and avoiding intimacy. She is also in therapy herself, though she is making strides and decides to continue moving forward on her own. [ha - "I'll grab an Uber."] And, after really helping a patient in the emergency room, she decides to return to private practice when the girl won't talk to anyone else. [eesh. is that really a reason to go back to that?]

Savi: Eight Months Later, Savi is done with physical therapy, and celebrates the return to regular life, though she's not sure what she wants anymore. She does return to Dom, and, after getting a new hairstyle, work, where she learns she'll be sharing an office with Toni. [we'll undoubtedly learn more about this new character ASAP.] 

Joss: Eight Months Later, Joss has been making a living as a party planner. But, when Soleil Moon Frye won't hire her because she's too inexperienced, she learns that she'll need a solid team of people rather than a collection of options. [haha, when I got married my wedding coordinator had a bit of both. She needed to research reception venues many times for us, but had a solid florist and a choice of two photography companies, etc.] This leads her to hire Harry as her go-to caterer, as Savannah's Kitchen has been closed for months, and he's now selling the house. And also seeing someone new, Kira.

April: Eight Months Later, April is struggling with online dating, but hits it off with someone at an art gallery. She's being encouraged to sell her own items at the shoppe, so she decides to do a mosaic on a desk as her first project. And, Lucy is going to a prestigious school now. [I'm curious as to how that will factor in...]
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