Tuesday, June 3, 2014

16 & Pregnant: Jazmin Breaks Her Parents' Trust

Though this episode was not the most interesting, it did depict another side to teenage pregnancy that seems often ignored by this series. Rather than encourage the young couple to move in together and deal with parenting together, Jazmin's parents retain the same rules that applied a year ago, meaning that Dell couldn't come over without permission, nor could he be there after 10pm, which hinders his chances to spend time with his daughter, given his work hours. And, despite the fact that Dell seems to be working as much as he can and stockpiling the money rather than spend it himself, her parents feel as if he's not trying hard enough. This is a far cry from many of the teenage fathers seen on this show, who blow their money on dogs and trucks or largely ignore that they now have offspring. Four more episodes left in the season have me wondering what other perspectives might be explored... no adoption stories have popped up yet, so that's a very likely one...

16 & Pregnant "Jazmin" (S05E08): She's 17 and from Raytown, MO, where she lives with strict mom and stepdad, as well as her younger brother. She met babydaddy Dell a year ago online, though they only live a block apart. [that's got to be the worst story I've ever heard.]. They only knew each other for three months when she got pregnant, thanks to the fact that she didn't want to take birth control pills because "you get fat and lose your hair." [I didn't think her parents' rules were that bad, actually.]

August, 30 weeks: Her mother is worried that Jazmin won't fulfill her potential with a baby. [but there is never a mention of abortion or adoption this episode.] Jazmin should be able to graduate in December by finishing school online, and she doesn't think life will change all that much. [these people terrify me. how could it NOT change?!?]

August, 31 weeks:  [I liked her friend's Iron Man shirt.] She was going to be a cardiovascular perfusionist, but now it's looking more like she'll need to choose a profession which takes less preparation. [what teenager knows what a cardiovascular perfusionist is??] Her parents talk to the couple about their finances, future plans, etc. and surprise the kids by announcing that they won't support them living together (they don't know one another well enough), and that the "rules" will remain in play after the baby is born. [I might relax the 10pm one, though, to give Dell more of a chance to relieve Jazmin.]

August, 32 weeks: She has a checkup, then her baby shower.

September 35 weeks: Dell oversleeps and misses Jazmin's appointment.

October, 37 weeks: Dell says that reality hasn't hit yet. [uh oh.] Jazmin's stepdad reiterates that Dell can't make surprise visits, and he can't be there if there isn't adult supervision. Dell and Jazmin think that the limited time he'll be able to see the baby are "malarkey."

October, 39 weeks: She gets her hair done so she doesn't have to worry about it when the baby comes, though she also gets long nails put on. [why? that just seems like a bad idea.] Dell talks to Jazmin's mom about working on the house rules a little more, but she says it'll be a family decision. Jazmin goes into labor, opts for an epidural, and pushes six hours into labor.

Laila Aubrielle is born 6 lb, 13.5 oz on October 17th.

2 days old: They head home, and Jazmin's older sister comes over to help, where they sponge-bathe the newborn. [I thought you didn't start that so early?]

3 days old: There will be no change in the house rules

2 weeks old: She isn't getting her homework done, and Dell has been working late shifts.

3 weeks old: Dell hasn't been able to come over because he's working late most nights, so when he is able to be there, he addresses Jazmin's mother, but that doesn't help.

4 weeks old: Dell wants to take his daughter overnight to spend time with her, but Jazmin doesn't approve. She does, however, begin wondering if they should just break her parents' rules. [but she has that unseen little brother who could tell on her...]

5 weeks old: Jazmin won't let Laila leave the house because it's cold outside.

6 weeks old: Jazmin agrees to take the baby out so she goes to a restaurant to meet Dell. He admits that they should have waited.
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