Friday, May 30, 2014

Instant Mom: Doing Good for the World

So many of this show's episodes are exactly the same. Stephanie tries to teach the kids something, but it backfires. There was the time Stephanie insisted she knew how to camp but didn't, when she taking Gabby "bargain shopping" at a boutique that carried $200 jeans, when firing the maid backfired, teaching Aaron about death didn't work, refusing to hire a caterer when you can't cook, refusing to hire a sitter when the kids can't be trusted, giving her dad another chance though he's a crook, turning to the internet for help only for the kids to post advice, revealing how you got away with stuff and not realizing the kids will play the same angles, trying to help Aaron make friends and winding up banned from the school, forcing the kids to learn musical instruments and then being mortified when they lie about their abilities, and accidentally teaching your kids to lie. Yeah, that's 12 instances in 22 episodes... pretty high. I'm giving this my best McKayla Maroney "not impressed" face.
Instant Mom "The Last Auction Hero" (S01E23): There was a canned food drive in the schools but none of the kids participated, upsetting Stephanie. [haha, I remember taking cans of stuff I didn't like to donate to those things... bye-bye, peas!] She tells the kids to each do something to help the world, deciding that she will volunteer to run the pediatric ward's silent auction... but it means working alongside Beverly, Charlie's boss, with whom she has a poor history. [I don't understand how Stephanie was the most qualified volunteer for this...] Stephanie thinks she'll succeed when she gets a cruise donated, but it turns out that it left before the event, so she can't auction it alongside James' painting of the Philadelphia skyline and Gabby's autographed album of angry songs (all written with just the B-flat chord). Aaron actually doesn't even contribute, not wanting to give any of his own things away. [but sharing his stuffed Ninja Turtle at the end was cute, albeit predictable.] That might be just as well, however, as Gabby's songs are annoying and James got plastic garbage bag on his painting before it dried. [James' humor makes me laugh.]

Charlie isn't helpful at the auction because he's focused on making sure he wins a vintage lunchbox, so while Stephanie tries to promote other items, James sits down in a wheelchair, causing people to think he's disabled. [omg!] He ruins the charade when he celebrate the total hitting $100k, and Stephanie has to encourage people to keep their bids for the children. [I'm surprised it works as well as it does, honestly.]
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