Monday, October 28, 2013

Instant Mom: The Gabby Show

So, while Instant Mom isn't a bad show, it's definitely really only about Stephanie butting heads with her mother and husband over how to raise young teen Gabby. Of the now-five episodes, there's only been one where Gabby's behavior wasn't a main aspect of the storyline. The other kids are neglected, and the relationship between Charlie and Stephanie also falls to the side to feature her constantly. She's a believable actress, but teens aren't the only children who can be difficult to parent. Besides, I'm over the idea that none of the kids defy Stephanie at all.
Instant Mom "Not a Date" (S01E05): Gabby cozies up to Charlie, hoping that she'll be allowed to date before she turns 16. When he won't budge, she turns to Stephanie, who  would sign up for charity work with boys she liked when she couldn't date. [Stephanie really doesn't know when to shut up.] Stephanie tries to talk to Charlie about letting Gabby group-date, as long as there are 6+ kids, an even number of boys and girls, and a curfew of 9:30pm, but when she learns that Gabby pulled her same trick, she almost pulls back. [I don't understand why Stephanie keeps confiding in Maggie, either.] Stephanie tells Gabby to stay quiet about it all, but Owen shows up at the house. He cries for Gabby, who isn't interested after she sees him with another girl. [omg eighth grade drama. I remember that junk and am glad I only had to live through it once!] Gabby gets James to tell Owen things about her to scare him off, but he's only more infatuated. [weirdo!] Stephanie tells Gabby to handle it herself, but when she isn't ready, she runs out of time and Charlie catches her. [I'll admit that it's not easy to break up with boys, especially on the spot, but when the kid is in your house and it's threatening your future social life, you do it!] She now has to volunteer at the hospital after school.

While this is going on, James convinces Aaron to give him his toy bow, as he has already stolen the arrows. [haha, hiding them in his sleep!] He then trades them back for a stuffed ninja turtle, and trades that back for the whole room they share. [how would ANYONE fall for that??] Aaron moves to the closet, but James is immediately bored without his brother. [boring. they could have milked this a little more, I think.]
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