Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sean Saves the World: Pleasing Your Parents

I'm sad to say it, but Sean's ringtones may be the best thing about this show. Max just isn't interesting as his boss, and Lorna gets on my nerves as his mother. I'll give it another episode, but this comedy is on my watch list... it just seems so half-hearted. There's good talent and decent storylines, but I don't think they're played up to their full potential, and more jokes could probably be written in... unless they mean for more laughs to come from the physical comedy, which could well be the case. I also take issue with Sean and his boss commiserating over their parents... it's only the fourth episode! What are they setting up by having the two drink and complain?
Chris Haston/NBC
Sean Saves the World "Shut Your Parent Trap" (S01E04): Sean has to go to Max's apartment for a late-night meeting, and his coworkers all meet there as well. [ANOTHER late-night hotel meeting?? suspicious.] Max acts as if he has killed a room service guy and needs help getting rid of the body, except it's really just a team-building exercise. [what that...?!?] Sean is blamed for his team not being ready, but he doesn't see a problem, as they are good at their jobs. Sean tries to talk to Max about it, but everyone winds up having to work the weekend. [the conflicts weren't that interesting... Liz has a date, Hunter has a gig, and Sean has plans to watch all the Iron Man movies.]

Lorna comes to the office, and Max's dad, Lee, hits on her. Sean pretends that Lorna works in accounting, then brushes off the situation in an attempt to get Lee to get Max to treat the employees better. The old man will only do it if Sean can get him a date with Lorna, unaware that she's Sean's mother. Sean manages to convince her, and then drinks with Max while complaining about trying to impress their parents. [this scene REALLY could have been written better!] They go to the restaurant where their parents are dining, and both wind up showing their emotional sides. [but what was the point of that??]

In a side story, Lorna struggles with her smartphone, and Sean asks Ellie to show her how to use it. Ellie is paranoid that the woman will text her constantly, so she gives crazy directions. [kinda funny!] Sean then helps her, and, six hours later, she is able to send a text. [the fact that she played dumb for an extra 5.75 hours was pretty disturbing, if you ask me!]
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