Saturday, October 26, 2013

White Collar: Mozzie and Diana Save Each Other

Sometimes timing is everything, and that certainly was the case in this episode. Had Diana not gone into labor while trying to bring Mozzie to justice, our favorite sneak might be behind bars. Instead, he has bought himself a little more time once again, and we'll have to see just how tied to her ethics Diana is... However, the whole situation just begs Peter and Elizabeth to have a discussion about their own family. In five seasons nobody has ever discussed Peter and Elizabeth wanting children, which seems a little odd for a couple who have been together 10+ years. Sure, they have a dog, but why not at least allow the duo to state their intention to be child-free? Of course, it could be a situation similar to what Jones describes for Diana... how can you put your life on the line like they do when you have offspring at home counting on you to return safely? Regardless, I just hope it's addressed.
Giovanni Ruffino/USA Network
White Collar "Out of the Frying Pan" (S05E02): Neal works on some choreography that will keep him safe from the security cameras when he goes on another job for Curtis. [but how were they able to know that it would work?] But, before he can destroy the evidence, he meets his new handler, Dave. Dave is 31 years old, from Chicago, and excited about his work. [kinda refreshing, though I didn't warm up to him too much.] He jumps in immediately and goes after a black marketeer... Mozzie. [how did I not see that coming??] Neal has to sneak him out AND false-sketch him, as everyone else in the FBI will be able to identify the thief. The office does need to be blown up, but Dave did some computer forensics and uncovers Mozzie's real name: Teddy Winters. [how is that the ONLY thing recoverable?] This forces Neal and Mozzie to fake the death of the latter, possibly only because Mozzie has pulled out a few of his own teeth, which he implants into a John Doe cadaver. [yikes!] It takes the fire department six hours to put out the napalm-based blaze, but Diana doesn't believe the dental records and decides to go snooping. Of course, she goes down a manhole and winds up in labor in Mozzie's lair. [ten stories deep?? I don't think I'd go down that far without backup!] As he delivers the baby, Neal ruins the evidence, only seconds ahead of Peter trailing him. [I thought that Neal's anklet had altitude reads... so why not check on what floor he is on if you think he's still int he building?] Diana names the baby Theodore, and the gang [Jones, Peter, Elizabeth, Mozzie, and Neal] meets the newborn at the hospital. Diana, having originally intended to bust Mozzie, has softened, at least for now.
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