Saturday, October 26, 2013

Elementary - Good or Evil, the Past Catches Up

In probably one of the top five episodes to date, Watson and Holmes are challenged professionally and personally. It's all the more fun when hook-ups, hookers, and hitmen are involved, not to mention bank robberies and loan sharks. The duo's bond is continuing to grow, so a test of this connection should be exciting.
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Elementary "Ancient History" (S02E05): Watson buys Sherlock a platypus skull for some entertainment, as there's a lack of interesting murders in New York City. [ha!] Her friend pitches a one-night stand to track down, but Holmes doesn't like it and heads to the morgue to find a more interesting case. Holmes discovers a murderer named Leo accidently killed in a motorcycle accident.

Captain Gregsten won't accept Holmes' evidence of a tattoo that Leo was a hitman, so Holmes and Watson head off to talk to Leo's wife. She doesn't provide much help, and, as Holmes combs through bereavement cards to determine a missing friend, Watson heads off to the bar where her friend met her one-night stand.

Discovering that Leo had an argument with his construction partner, Holmes and Watson find the partner in a compromising situation with $25,000 in stolen cash. The duo track the money to a loan shark, who reveals the Russian mob was in town looking for the former hitman and showed up asking for him. This led the investigation back to Leo's 'accident,' and it's discovered that Leo was out burying his strangle victim when someone shot at him.

As Watson tries to blow off Holmes' case to pursue her friend's lost lover, Holmes reveals it was him, as he had befriended her by tailing Watson when they first met. After Holmes had gotten to know Watson, he stopped doing so. Watson is not happy, but seems to move on...

The mortician discovers Leo's victim was on prescription medicine prescribed by a psychiatrist and the duo pays him a visit (after Holmes threatens to kill himself in the waiting room to get past the secretary). The doc leads to a dead-end mobster suspect, but it turns out Leo's wife had earlier helped the mobster get in try to kill her husband. When that failed, she tried to set him up to be killed, but Leo strangled the attacker, got away, and crashed because she shot at him. Turns out, Leo wanted a divorce and his wife did not, but she knew of his past mob connections and turned him in.

Holmes beats Watson to the punch at revealing the situation to her friend and hooks up with her again, to Watson's dismay. Watson gets Holmes back though and tricks him briefly into thinking he had helped her friend get pregnant.
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