Friday, October 25, 2013

Michael J. Fox: Working Together

Annie and Mike definitely have an interesting relationship, and their parenting style is also one for the books. This was one of the better episodes, with the relationships between and the personalities of the Henrys really shining through, but it's still not that magnificent of a series. I'm putting it on warning, as though this was a pretty funny episode, the family might be more annoying than endearing. Eve and Ian are pretty annoying, Leigh has rendered herself a lump, and Graham hasn't received all that much screentime. Unless the neurotic nature of Mike and Annie shifts toward "fascinating," this may be the next show to go for me.
Eric Liebowitz/NBC
The Michael J. Fox Show "Teammates" (S01E06): Ian now has a small room while Graham gets a large one, and when their parents won't budge on switching, Ian decides to scare Graham into swapping. Ian makes a cat puppet to scare Graham, but Graham hung a skeleton to scare the Shadowpuss, and Ian freaks out. [that was pretty funny, actually.]

Eve works Annie for permission to attend an upcoming concert, angering Mike, who already said "no." [haha. my dad may have left when I was 11, but I would still ask one parent for something after the other had said "no."] Leigh gets a dog to pick up guys, and Eve decides to bet Mike that if Leigh can care for it, she can go to the concert. [I don't know why that bet was put in place, but that's moot.] Eve quickly winds up doing the chores when Leigh totally flakes.

Annie bothers a neighbor about elevator etiquette, and Mike tries to make things right... even saying Annie is bi-polar. [ha!] That works until the guy says he's a psychiatrist, and he offers his help to Annie. This upsets the teacher, and she decides that she no longer has to agree with Mike on things, so she allows Eve to attend the concert. But, the teen decides to stay home with the dog at the last minute. [I'll probably never understand how some people can care so much about animals!] But, the Henrys decide to care for it so she can go... and even wind up deciding to keep it when it turns out that Leigh is allergic. [making Leigh even more useless than before, as now she's burdening the Henrys with additional worries.]

It's Mike's company's collective birthday party, and everyone is headed to a karaoke bar. Mike wanted to get out of it, but Annie enjoys karaoke and won't pretend to be sick to help Mike, as they no longer "stand united." However, when the night winds up a disaster, the couple realizes that they do need to help one another if they hope to succeed in life.
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