Saturday, May 3, 2014

Instant Mom: Parenting Choices

I'm well aware that parents hate to hear non-parents' perspectives on parenting, but Charlie REALLY got on my nerves in this episode! I have no problem with him helping Aaron unconventionally getting merit badges, but I can't come up with an excuse I'd accept as to why he is so unwilling to try new things. 
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 What kind of example does it show his children when he isn't even willing to TRY the pizza Stephanie ordered from a new place?? And, speaking of Stephanie, why was she trying to be uber-fashionable on a family camping trip? I could try to understand if it was a trip with friends or other moms (I mean, let's not lie... I have very color-coordinated athletic outfits for group hikes but I wear old tees and too-short sweatpants to the gym!), but I just kept shaking my head at Stephanie's wardrobe choices for this episode. ESPECIALLY if she was trying to convince Charlie that she knew what she was doing! Okay, I'm wrapping up my rant now, and hoping for better moving forward.

Instant Mom "Camp Fear" (S01E21): Aaron and a few of his friends are camping inside, so Stephanie offers to take them on a real camping trip, along with the whole family. James and Charlie aren't interested in "voluntary homelessness," but Gabby, surprisingly, gets really into it. [haha, I remember Kate Gosselin using similar terminology regarding camping.] Maggie shows up in an RV, undermining her daughter and letting the family know that Stephanie isn't actually an expert. Of course, this becomes apparent soon afterward when she can't put up the tent and forgot to apply insect repellent. [tents are tricky your first time.] One by one, the family heads into the RV, but when they laugh at Stephanie, she locks them out and throws the keys into the woods. Then, a storm rolls in. [of course!] They can't find the keys, it gets dark, but Charlie finally manages to get everyone to help with the tent. [multiple people really helps with tents, LoL. and campfires, if you're me, ha!] The food is up in a tree to keep it away from bears, but raccoons get it. The kids still have a good time, however, and Aaron admits the next day that he found the keys but wanted the full experience. [I'm glad that the kid didn't get into trouble for that, at least!] 
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