Monday, May 5, 2014

Bob's Burgers: Tina Dates Jimmy; Gene Cheerleads

This episode focused mainly on Tina and Gene, but it is the youngest Belcher that really stole the show. Louise is such a firecracker! She has a great knack for sensing when people are vulnerable (hello, Tammy's bat mitzvah!), and works quickly to plug holes that could possibly benefit her in some way. She manages to do this time after time, and though it begins to lose plausibility at some point, her clever ways are still disarming to audiences. It is a little strange, however, that Bob and Linda seem to have largely written off the young girl as being too hard to handle, even if they are able to reel her in (and get her teeth fixed) from time to time. Regardless, I definitely continue to look forward to the little break-out character's next round of shenanigans!  

Bob's Burgers "Gene It On" (S04E20): Tina goes out for cheerleading, but it's Gene who makes the squad when he enthusiastically cheers for his sister. He soon wins his way into most of the team's hearts, but the other male cheerleader calls for a cheer-battle, and Gene is bullied into almost quitting. When it comes to a competition, however, Gene tries to save the day with a ridiculous formation Linda tried to show him after the routine is scooped by another group.
Meanwhile, because Tina bit her tongue badly during the try-out, Louise talked her way into being her sister's interpreter while Tina can't speak normally. Louise mis-translates over and over to suit her own desires, and turns Tina's date with Jimmy into her own fancy night out. Fortunately, when Tina tells Jimmy what she really wanted in a date, he understands her and agrees. [I forgot Jimmy has a lisp.]
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