Monday, March 31, 2014

Bob's Burgers: Going Outside the Box a Bit

Bob's Burgers isn't the most innovative show, but at least they manage to do some storylines that are out of the ordinary and interesting. Having three mini-stories with a common theme isn't new, and in this case, it isn't even great, but at least it was different. Tina going from begging to get an invitation to a party to posing as its star was equally amusing and ridiculous. I think that they could have done more with Tina being a rebel and hanging out with boys while her parents are out of town, though. Why not stray slightly from every other plotline that has ever depicted this situation before? However, going too far doesn't work, either, as I had a tough time buying most of what happened while the kids were on the wine train!

Bob's Burgers "The Frond Files" (S4E12): Bob and Linda go to school night where they can't find Tina's, Louise's, and Gene's projects. Turns out, their essays were so creative that they were offensive, so they're hidden.
Louise wrote about the principal having a Terminator-esque double who is after Louise. Gene wrote "Fart School for the Gifted," where he is constantly encouraging his classmates to pass gas. [the song had way more ways to say "fart" than I'd ever imagined!] Tina's is a horror piece, where she's a hall monitor and the basketball team has turned into zombies. Tina tossing her hair entrances them, and soon she's dating all 15 of them. [haha, very Tina!] In all, Mr. Frond is the villain, which upsets him. [well, yeah. mean teachers and principals are obvious choices for villains!]

Bob's Burgers "Mazel Tina" (S4E13): Tina wants to go to Tammy's bat mitzvah, but when she isn't invited, she asks Bob to cater it so she can attend, but he requires the whole family's help. At the event, Tammy is a bit crazed, and Louise takes advantage of the stressed party planner and convinces her to quit during the party. [how unprofessional!]  Tammy recruits Tina, while Louise decides to put guacamole into a giant Tammy head to look like boogers. But, she and Tammy get trapped inside and hoisted up, watching as Tina keeps the party going sans Tammy. [I'm a little impressed that Tina wasn't more obsessed with locating Tammy.] Hours go by, and Louise lets Tina have time to enjoy the party before using the headset to ask for help. But, Tina goes ahead with the ladies' choice dance instead of rescuing them, earning Tammy's wrath. [totally something a teenage girl would do - love how real it is!] Meanwhile, Bob and Linda sample the other caterer's foods and wind up crashing a wedding in another hall, leaving Gene alone to serve raw meat on buns. [at least he didn't try to grill the burgers!]

Bob's Burgers "Uncle Teddy" (S4E14): Linda and Bob go out of town for a conference and leave the kids in Teddy's care, due to lack of other options. [I'll say! though I thought this would be going the Uncle Buck route, LoL.] He doesn't do well entertaining them until he unclogs the kitchen sink and lets the kids play with the gunk. [gross!] Meanwhile, at the burger event, everyone hates Bob for netiquette. [there's a word that I thought had died out!] He and Linda decide to try making it a romantic getaway weekend, but there winds up being a fight over the jacuzzi. Before you know it, they're asked to leave. [aww.]

Back at home, Tina is crushing on Jonas, who delivers sandwiches for a local deli. She lets him know that her parents are out of town, and he suggests they throw a "gathering" in the restaurant. [you know, typical.] Tina even makes cheeseburgers by herself for Jonas and his friends. But, when she's caught and grounded, she decides to sneak out and go to the cove to meet the guys, where she winds up getting caught breaking into the lighthouse. [SO stereotypical!] Teddy tries to rescue her, but they all get caught when Bob and Linda come home from the trip early. [yep, that is exactly how you'd predict it would end!]

Bob's Burgers "Kids Rob a Train" (S4E15): The family takes a wine train, but the kids get locked in a small nearly-empty car with Rudy. [kinda sad that he's there all the time while his father dates.] The kids hatch a plan to get chocolate from the kitchen, which includes lying to the wait staff about Linda's birthday. In the process, they all wind up falling off the train, though they miraculously manage to get back on. They wind up getting caught, but the adult Belchers aren't exemplifying model behavior, either, as Bob winds up in a wine-off with a wine enthusiast! [haha, the spit bucket wine!]
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