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HIMYM: Rolling Toward the Finish Line!

The end of an era is upon us. How I Met Your Mother is wrapping up its ninth season, and as the series speeds toward the moment when Ted actually "meets the mother," everything seems to be tying together nicely. I can't say that this has been the greatest end to a comedy series, but How I Met Your Mother hasn't really been a typical program, either. I'm excited to see how things will finish in a few days, but I can't help but wonder if I (and many others) am destined for disappointment! The comedy has had its ups and downs (like all good ones do!), but when it really matters (AKA in the series finale) will it be able to live up to its reputation and end on a high note? Looking at the recent episodes, I'm not so sure...
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How I Met Your Mother "Rally" (S09E18): Ted and the Mother are in a limousine, toasting with champagne to her new book. It's New Year's 2022, and the couple flashes both back and forward to ridiculous times in life when they and their friends got drunk. In chronological order...

Sunday, 8am, 10 hours before the wedding: Barney is so hungover that he remembers very little and they have to skip the wedding pictures, pissing off Robin's dad. [haha on the Weekend at Bernie's and the fact that Barney CAN take a bad photo!] The gang sure tried to make it happen, though... the girls took Barney outside for some fresh air, but all he remembers is falling down the stairs when the cart slipped. They dunked his hair in water and showed him roaring bears while Marshall and Ted create an elixir that required Ted to eat bacon for the first and only time in his life (for the grease). ["Too Many Manhattans Project" birthed Barney's hangover elixir.] The only thing that works, however, is Lily and Robin making out.

2016, Buenos Aires: Robin got drunk and she and Barney slept in the wrong room.

2020: Marshall wins in his run for state supreme court, but before he actually wins, he drank himself silly.

2030, Wesleyan University: Lily gets drunk after taking her son to college.

How I Met Your Mother
"Vesuvius" (S09E19): FutureTed worries that he has told the Mother all of his stories, and she feels the same, so we hear some more of them... [I wonder if my husband and I will ever get that way...]

Lily shows Robin a scrapbook she made of the couple's relationship, Rboin isn't sentimental, preferring to watch The Wedding Bride, Too. Lily puts on the bride's gown, then borrows the photographer to stage some pictures with Marshall, but even that doesn't push Robin over the edge. [Robin has a sister??] However, Robin's mom shows up, and that does.

Barney goes into Room 9, occupied by Susan Tupp. [Suit Up! I got it seconds before Barney made Ted figure it out!] Barney can't decide which suit to wear, and he has brought one hundred! There's problems with each one, but he had a new one made for the occasion, and Ted convinces him to wear that one. [awww!]

How I Met Your Mother "Daisy" (S09E20): Sunday, 2pm, 4 hours before the wedding. Robin's mom had a rough flight but will train it home. It turns out that there are many similarities between Barney and Robin's father. []

Lily went to The Captain's car late at night, so Marshall goes over there and swiftly punches the man in the face. But, it turns out that Lily only went there for the privacy to take a pregnancy test. [called it! though the drinks threw me!] Marshall tells her that they'll have to move to Italy for her dream, because she's giving him his - a family. [the next baby will be named "Daisy."] Oh, and The Captain is engaged to BoatsBoatsBoats.

How I Met Your Mother "Gary Blauman" (S09E21): Wednesday, 8pm, 3 days after the wedding. Ted meets The Mother for a date, for Scottish-Mexican fusion. [say what??] Soon, the Mother realizes that she's not ready to date again. But, she's interested in his story of Gary Blauman, and they wind up taking a long walk. See, Gary showed up on the day of the wedding without an RSVP, which starts to force Marshall and Ted to re-do the seating chart, but everyone just starts talking about why they hate the guy. [love it!]

Years ago, Ted and Gary vied for the same woman. Gary ate some of Barney's fries once. James slept with Gary. Barney tells him to leave, but Marshall reminds everyone that the bride overrules everyone, and she wants him there. [oooh... lawyered!] He leaves anyway... but circles the block and returns. [omg, Lily has a tattoo!] Oh, and Tom took James back.

How I Met Your Mother "The End of the Aisle" (S09E22): Sunday, 5:28pm, 32 minutes before the wedding. [how precise!] Robin tells Ted that she needs someone who can make miracles for her, and he decides to give Barney the locket to give to her. [he had it?? I thought it was in the river?!?] But, Robin knows that it was Ted, and that makes her re-think everything, wondering if she should be with him. [no!] She tries to get Ted to help her make a break for it, but he won't help her and she goes for it alone, bumping into The Mother on her way. [and that's how Robin met the Mother...]

Barney starts working on his vows, but Marshall and Lily help him be less selfish and more committed. [starts on them now??!?] But, Barney points out that those two have cheated on every one of their vows, so Barney vows only to be honest. [I don't know what to make of that.]

And, Marshall slaps Barney at the altar when he considers going for his cornflower blue tie, ending the SlapBet.
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