Wednesday, March 26, 2014

LPBW: New Year's Eve with Separated Roloffs

The news broke a couple of weeks ago that Matt and Amy Roloff were entering a trial separation, and now there's finally some more information available. In late November, patriarch Matt moved out of the main home and into the small house used for bridal preparations during the summers. When their children came home for Christmas (the three oldest Roloff kids are in college), the holiday was about the same as it always was, but there were definite moments of tension throughout the family. Matt and Amy are coping with the change in different ways, but this special really focuses on how the Roloffs come together to celebrate the ringing in of 2014.

Little People, Big World "New Year, Big Changes" (Special): It's December 29th and Matt suggests the family have a big New Year's party. He tasks Amy and Molly with making a cake, while he and the twins build a confetti cannon, a photo booth, and a light-up ball. The ball proves tougher than expected, and they try several different methods before welding a cage around a disco ball and hanging lights on it. [as per the usual, Jacob isn't really helping anyone.]
There's a lot of last-minute scramble, and the guests start to help get everything together. [that sort of thing mortifies me, and it happened once, so I can't understand how they'd let it repeatedly occur. the whole no-beverages thing also mystified me.] Matt dresses up as Father Time, but when nobody is excited about it, he changes. [I thought it was cute.] When they plug in the ball at 11:59, the breaker trips, so Jeremy rushes to fix it, before later revealing that he plans to propose to Audrey in 2014. [Amy and Matt not kissing was awkward. also, update since the taping: the two are engaged.] The next day, they have a New Year's Day dinner of homemade pizza. [Jeremy praying was different. Amy does it so often on the televised specials.]

Other included scenes in this installment include the kids visiting Zach's house, where Molly helps him make hamburgers, Matt telling his parents about the rough patch when they come to stay for the party, and Amy sharing the situation with two of her friends over dinner. [deciding not to wear her wedding ring to feel what being divorced would be like was sad.] Matt mentions that the past year was long and tough, and maybe he and Amy stuck together longer than they should have.
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