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Switched at Birth: Is the Drama Getting Out of Hand?

It's been tough on me to write about this show lately. I am still absolutely addicted to the characters and their relationships, but I can't say that I've been loving the directions each is taking right now. From Kathryn and John's blow-up to Emmett being strung along by an evil bully to Daphne choosing between Jorge and Campbell, I've just not been agreeing with a lot of the decisions that are happening on the show. I actually feel like the level of drama is getting up there in the Beverly Hills, 90210 range, and that's really saying something, as a teen series where almost every character deals with some sort of addiction, and serious subjects like drive-by shootings, date rape, and stalkers. While I also loved that show, I kinda hope that Switched at Birth remains slightly more wholesome!

Switched at Birth "Memory is Your Image of Perfection" (S03E07): It's the day after Kathryn and John's big fight, and Bay tells Emmett, who shares that the beginning of his parents' divorce came from his dad kissing a coworker. This pushes Bay to bring her parents back together, so she conspires with Toby to get the four of them together for a family night. Bay pushes things too far, though, and John and Kathryn start picking at old faults. [that's always rough.] However, when Bay stops being able to move her fingers (her hand-wrap was recently removed), the Kennishes come together to explore the situation, which means surgery to repair the tendons. [yikes!] Recovery will take a while, but Kathryn still doesn't want John at the house, and Daphne learns about the situation as well.

Emmett and Travis interview for Gallaudet, but Travis doesn't take it seriously, despite Melody's repeated efforts. Marybeth theorizes that Travis doesn't want to leave the first real "home" he has ever had. [ouch, that's rough!]

Gabe shows up at Carlton for career week, promoting audiological sciences. [I would have liked to see more about the career week at Carlton!] Turns out, he had texted Melody for a date, but she didn't respond. She makes up some excuses, but later decides to give a date a try.

Sharee missed school because CPS visited, and more "surprise visits" are in her future. She yells at Daphne for interfering, even after Daphne shares that Regina is an alcoholic. Sharee's mom then shows up at school when the athlete doesn't make her bed, and Sharee must leave school against her wishes. [oh, crazy moms!]

Wes shows his designs for the East Riverside project, and Adriana surprises the crowd by speaking up about rents raising and inching out the folks who have been there for generations. [good point, though!] Wes tells Regina to get her mother under control, but she's torn, as Adriana thinks Regina is more focused on business than friends and family.  [haha, "you got everything, or you need some help carrying in your soapbox?"] Regina thinks that making East Riverside a better place is good, but Adriana points out that Wes may be using Regina for the color of her skin, prompting Regina to quit, even if it'll be a breach of contract. [interesting use of "entiendes" without the translation!]

Daphne is told to stop flirting at work, but her bigger issue is talking to her boss about Sharee's mother's issues. He offers to get a psychologist to come to the clinic after-hours to diagnose the woman, and Sharee pretends she needs a flu shot to get her there. However, the guy is late and Sharee's mom catches on, stabbing the doctor with a pair of scissors. [omg!] Daphne texts 911, then tries to help the doctor. [I didn't realize you could text 911!] But, she struggles to bring herself to insert a needle into his lung to keep him breathing. She manages, and he is alive and breathing when the paramedics arrive. Sharee's mother is arrested, leaving a lot of unknowns.

Switched at Birth "Dance Me to the End of Love" (S03E08): John buys Kathryn a 14kt gold diamond bracelet, but he's actually given her that exact gift before, plus she wants space to figure out what she needs to be happy. She wants adventure, not repetition, but John blames Renzo for Kathryn's changes. [eh, something has to be the spark!] He then sees ballroom dancing on television and decides to have a family meal, but has everyone doing percussion at the table and go into a dance with signing and memories. [this is Huxtable stuff right here!]

Daphne and Regina talk to Melody about Daphne's future, and she's considering applying to pre-med programs, in which Gallaudet does not specialize. Daphne decides to see if there is more she can learn at the clinic, and Jorge offers her regular work. [Daphne has more makeup on than usual. you can hardly see her freckles!] But, her interest is shaken when she doesn't hear a patient go into a seizure, and the kid's mother freaks out. Dr. J reassures her, though, as when he started medical school, there were nine black students in a class of 140, and only two finished.

Travis wants to beat up the guy who tried to humiliate MaryBeth, but she stops him. They then decide to go to the campus formal together, so Travis turns to Toby for help dancing, as he's beginning to panic that Marybeth will leave him for someone with whom she can do more things. [awww!] Toby gets Angelo to teach the waltz, and with Melody doing it too, Travis believes he can learn to do it. But, he's not good, and confesses to MaryBeth. [random storyline with Tank also trying to learn dancing, albeit line-dance for a pledge task.]

Bay doesn't do well on an art assignment, and the teacher tells her to think more outside the box, so Emmett takes her to see a miniature Vegas Strip that a guy built for his wife with dementia. [that was crazy cool!] She decides to create a zoeatrope to show that powerful memories aren't linear, but she feels bad over how much Emmett helped.

Switched at Birth "The Past (Forgotten-Swallowed)" (S03E09): Dr. J. encourages Daphne to pursue a summer pre-pre-med program, but at a clinic fundraiser where Daphne could network about the opportunity, she's stuck helping Angelo, who decided to use the crowd to test potential menus for his restaurant. [I can't believe he brought Abby! also, Jorge and Campbell vying for Daphne is kinda strange. they're not 15 years old!]

Marybeth is upset that Bay is still seeing Tank, so Bay tries to get them to relax around each other more. [Bay needs to work on her fake-outs.] Angry, MaryBeth tells Bay that Ty lied about cheating on her so she wouldn't be upset if something happened to him overseas. Bay goes to Emmett with the situation, then tells Tank, who doesn't buy it. [Bay turns to those two guys way too often, IMO.] Then, in front of a fraternity brother, Bay lets it slip that she knows about the dog party. This will force him to go before the board and might be black-balled.[haha, again, thank you, Beverly Hills, 90210 for explaining that to me!]

There's only one more game left in the field hockey season, and Sharee needs a 90% on a physics test to stay eligible to play, so Toby tutors her up to an 84%, but with a seven-point curve, it works out! [as much as everyone is rooting for a Sharee-Toby relationship, I kinda don't want that.] Toby also Skypes with Nikki, who wishes he was there ministering with her. [kinda random.]

John makes dinner for Kathryn, and she asks him for more book ideas. [really? that's not awkward?] There's one team player still in town, so she wants to have him over for dinner. Unfortunately, he's gone new-age with yoga and is sober, though he has also become a swinger. [haha! surprise!] John and Kathryn work hard to kill the mood, but wind up coming clean about not being interested in such things. Then, it's revealed that John "pulled a triple" in Cleveland during his first year, but all Kathryn cares about it getting the story for her book. [oh! that's awkward!] He doesn't want to hear about her past encounters, though. [loved Kathryn's dress.]

Switched at Birth "The Ambush" (S03E10): Carlton gets vandalized over the field hockey rivalry, and Toby promises the school won't retaliate, while also learning that there are scholarships in field hockey. [he didn't think all sports get those?] Toby bluffs left and right to get a scout to come see Sharee play, which might brighten her future after all. [Sharee is doing a little signing!] Bay and Tank proceed to really mess up a statue over at Buckner, though, and Bay has to leave behind some paints when they're nearly caught. [but the issue doesn't come up again?] Tank makes a move on her, but she stops him without giving a reason, though later she tells Regina that she wants to wait until she learns what it means to her. Tank tells Bay she can call the shots on "moving to the next level."

Meanwhile, Jorge invites Daphne rock-climbing, but Kathryn helps her realize that she prefers Campbell. However, when she's out with him, she sees the obstacles that wheelchair-bound people face. [ugly outfit on Daphne with the yellow flowery belt!]
Nikki visits Toby, but she has the angle of inviting him to go to Africa with her on another project. [what is with this girl?!?] She tells him that she wants to be out helping people, but he says that he can't see himself going with her. They question if they should stay married, crushing Toby. [:(] 

Matthew's suspension is over, and he tells Emmett that there are no hard feelings. Emmet, however, is more focused on a birthday present for Mandy, and Bay winds up helping get a photograph printed and framed. But, it turns out that the picture is copyrighted - it's not the girl's.

Wes gives Regina a new car, and then sends her on errands to try getting businesses to sell their properties for the project. While he's happy that she was able to do so, he also blows up at her for not having some mock-ups done yet and keeps her from going to the field hockey game. [he's pretty unstable, huh?] Regina then asks John about the buy-outs and learns that Wes has been lying about the appraised value to the shop owners. [eep!]

Switched at Birth "Love Seduces Innocence, Pleasure Entraps, and Remorse Follows" (S03E10): Bay is concerned that Mandy may be lying about more than just her photo, so she and Tank do a reverse-image search on her profile photo, and find a girl who goes to a nearby high school. She stalks the cheerleader and learns that she is a cousin of Matthew, so Bay worries that Emmett is being pranked. [shoot!] She tries to call him, but Melody took away his phone and keys for repeatedly skipping classes, and he had hot-wired his bike to go meet "Mandy" at a park. Fortunately, he told Travis of the plans, so Bay is able to find Emmett, but not before Matthew beats him up on camera and humiliates him through the "catfish" scheme. [awww. poor Emmet. :(]  Meanwhile, Tank doesn't get black-balled from his fraternity, but he does de-pledge. [Bay is about to be in a love triangle!] 

Toby is too depressed to go to work and intends to go after Nikki in Peru. John asks Toby to move home, as they "will get [him] out of this lease," but Kathryn tells her son that he shouldn't go after Nikki for the rest of his life because he might wind up resenting her. [money talks - average people can't just go around breaking leases left and right...] Though Toby already booked his trip on a non-refundable fare, he is able to change the location, and promptly takes off solo for Iceland. [that'll be interesting!]

Kathryn's first draft of her book has been leaked, and she worries that it was Renzo who did it. It turns out, Lydia leaked it for publicity. [kinda weird that she didn't tell Kathryn, no?]

Regina's window gets smashed with a brick featuring the message "stay out of East Riverside." [wow!] She begins to stand up for herself and goes back to design work, but also casually tells people (like a manicurist) in East Riverside to get second opinions on the appraised values of their businesses and properties. [interesting to play that card.] This makes Wes decide to fire and sue her. [uh oh!]

The guy who robbed Daphne's food truck goes to the clinic for care, and she freaks out, especially after Jorge tells her that they have to treat everyone and cannot refuse to help him. Her probation officer insists that she finish out her hours, but she decides that the medical profession might not be for her after all, and she asks Angelo for a job when his restaurant opens. [I can see that as being a viable reason not to choose that occupation.] When the creep returns to the clinic, withdrawing from heroin, she winds up helping him.
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