Tuesday, May 6, 2014

16 & Pregnant: Arianna and Maurice Butt Heads

The thing that stood out to me the most about Arianna's story is that she had initially planned to work toward a PhD in Psychology but gives that dream up to become an RN. It's not every day that you meet a teenager with such a specific life plan and an understanding of what it will take to achieve, and it crushes me a little bit that she's so willing to change her career... this particular story never revealed whether the mother considered abortion or adoption as possibilities, which is interesting. It did, however, share that Arianna believed a fairy tale was in her future when she first got pregnant, that being a teen mom "just isn't fun," and that as long as Maurice acts as a father to Aiden, she'll be okay. Plus, she is still planning to start college in August. I wouldn't mind following up on this story, though I hope the teens are able to overcome their stubborn attitudes at some point to co-parent successfully. 

16 & Pregnant "Arianna" (S05E04): From Smyrna, GA, she's a creative-type senior in HS who plans to get a PhD in psychology, starting at Kennesaw State University. [I totally didn't understand what professions needed PhDs when I was in high school!] Her mother had her at 17, but is supportive as Arianna moves in with her grandmother when her mom remarried. [I kinda wish this issue was explored a little more. also, sharing a bedroom has been seen on television a lot this year, which I think is an excellent testament to the fact that four-bedroom houses are no longer the norm.] Arianna had dated Maurice for about six weeks before she got pregnant, though they have been friends since freshman year.

August, 6 months: Maurice demands a paternity test, so Arianna refuses to talk to him. [this is never brought up again, so I'm guessing the idea died out.] She's busy taking accelerated classes so she can finish her schoolwork in December before the baby is born, but does go to Homecoming with some friends. She also tries to ask Maurice for action in caring for the unborn child, but no luck. 

September, 7 months: She goes to driving school, has a sonogram, and decides to give Maurice another chance. The fellow senior still doesn't have a job, but he's working on a mix tape in a studio. [and it's not very clear whether he's still in school or not.] Arianna tells him that he needs to bring baby supplies to her house, but he says it's not necessary yet, and winds up walking away from the conversation.

October, 34 weeks: She has a baby shower. [I had mixed feelings about her happiness that gifts would mean fewer items her mother and grandmother would have to buy.]

37 weeks away: She spends some time with her family, and winds up realizing that she can't spend the next eleven years working toward a degree, so she decides to become a Registered Nurse instead. [another belly cast. what do people do with those things??] The baby is measuring big, so Arianna is induced. She's happy that Maurice comes to be with her in the hospital, and after eight hours of labor, she asks for an epidural. Four hours after that, it's time to push. Aiden Connor is born November 16th weighing 6 lb, 2 oz. [that's not "big," so I wonder what the concern was to induce her?] Maurice still doesn't think he did anything wrong, so Arianna asks him to leave. [this guy needs to learn that hormonal women are not to be messed with.] 

December, one week old: Maurice wants to see the baby, but Arianna tells him that he needs to apologize and bring something for the newborn.

Two weeks old: Arianna is back to doing her schoolwork, and Maurice gets a job. He starts listening to what he needs to do, and brings items for Aiden. He even gets the baby a Christmas suit. [awww!] He offers to come over more and change the baby, etc. but he still doesn't own up to his past attitudes and actions. [I can't stand people who refuse to believe that they've made mistakes in the past.] He tries to make some amends, but he suggests that she'll need to change as well, to which she's resistant. [they're both pretty stubborn, which means a rough road ahead!] 
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