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MASSIVE ROUND-UP: 2 Broke Girls: Shorter Stories are Better

This show seemed to come fast toward the end of the third season. My attitude toward it has also changed somewhat. I still enjoy tuning in every Monday night, but I really prefer the one-episode storylines (the girls make a wedding cake, it's St. Patrick's Day, Max graduates from high school) to the longer arcs. The shoppe the girls had last season wasn't great, Candy Andy didn't leave a lasting impression, Deke offered up some great jokes but also forgettable, and the whole pastry school thing ending with the school closing really left a burnt taste in my mouth. This show is better when it's just the core cast, in my opinion, and that's sometimes not used to its potential, with Oleg and Earl in particular often only having small bits in episodes. We already know that the series will make syndication (on TBS), so hopefully the minds behind the comedy will use the fourth season to utilize the talent of their actors more rather than bringing in outside storylines that don't always jive. 
2 Broke Girls "And the Married Man Sleepover" (S03E17): Nic comes to the diner to ask Caroline over for dinner, claiming that he has an open relationship with his wife. Caroline won't agree to that, so Nic tells her to Skype with his wife and clear things up. Caroline gets her hair cut for the occasion, and Max goes along because they're getting $6 student stylists. Caroline wants a gay student, but only Max gets one, so Caroline leaves without a cut. [how funny! I prefer female stylists, but maybe I've just never had a good guy.] Sophie is also interested in Nic, so she goes to Caroline's for the call, but Juliet is too quick and just gives Caroline permission to sleep with Nic and then hangs up. [who does this??] Caroline, Deke, and Max go to Nic's for dinner, with Caroline planning to keep turning down Nic anyway, but when she's afraid to be alone with him, she has the others pretend they're drunk and have to stay overnight. [in a city where nobody drives? how does that make sense?] Caroline is still awkward and jock-blocks using Max. [holy COW that was weird!]

Max needs condoms, but Caroline suggests she consider going on the pill to make it simpler. They wind up deciding to go with the ring. [kinda random storyline.]

Cupcakery Savings Total: $840.00 [up $280 from last episode.]

2 Broke Girls "And the Near Death Experience" (S03E18): The diner’s Spring Clean has Caroline faking carpal tunnel. [between that and SherlockCon, there were some very one-second moments this episode.]

Nic asks Caroline to dinner, but she turns him down and tries to avoid him. When the chef announces that he’s leaving his wife, Caroline brings Max to support her in continuing to turn down Nic's advances. [haha at "I know how this works by now."] But, his wife comes home while the girls are there, so they go out the bathroom window into the pouring rain, and get locked out. [LOVED “I’m such a bad judge of character.” “Of course you are, I’m your best friend.”] Soon, it’s hailing, as the girls scoot along the ledge and wind up falling into the living room. [seriously??] They both have whiplash and wear neck braces, further removing them from having to clean the diner. [haha, Sophie's “hey everybody, I have an update about my life.”]
Cupcakery Savings Total: $824.00 [down $16.00 from last episode.]

2 Broke Girls "And the Kilt Trip" (S03E19): It's St. Patrick's Day, and the girls are very busy selling cupcakes. [loved that they covered this holiday on the show.] But, they still only make about $350. [haha at Lepre-Han!] Everyone heads to the parade but Earl, who is a bagpiper in it! [whoa, surprise!] Olaf sells t-shirts, Han hopes to get lucky, and Caroline longs for the classy St. Patrick's Days of years past. [I can't ever think of a "classy" March 17th!] The typical party crowd is around, but Caroline convinces Max to go for bellinis at the Plaza. It's not as fun as she remembers, so back to the bars they go. [and that's pretty much all that happens...]

Cupcakery Savings Total: $1150.00 [up $326.00 from last episode.]

2 Broke Girls "And the Not Broke Parents" (S03E20): It's supposed to be the start of the spring semester, but the school is closing because of Caroline's indiscretions with Chef Nicholas, who is now in France. [seriously??] Deke considers asking his parents to buy the school as an investment, and Caroline can run it, but both girls will have to meet Deke's parents first. [oh, rich people, always solving problems by buying things.] Max is paranoid, but Caroline gives her the pearls to help. [but Max can't pull them off like Caroline can!] Of course, Max is still nervous, but Deke's dad takes to her, and his mom confides in her. Unfortunately, when Caroline's surname comes up in conversation, the tables turn and there is instant hate for Caroline by Deke's parents' neighbors. [why are they even there again??] The girls leave and Deke goes with them, which effectively stops his parents' financial support. [yep, because that's what rich people do - pull their monetary funding!] Max doesn't think Deke can make it as a poor person, so she asks Caroline to help her push the dumpster back to Deke's parents' place so he can ask for their forgiveness, even though he may not be interested in doing so.

Cupcakery Savings Total: $2850.00 [up $1700.00 from last episode.]

2 Broke Girls "And the Wedding Cake Cake Cake" (S03E21): It's tax season, and Caroline files everyone's forms. A bridezilla decides she wants to have the girls do her wedding cake, but the event is in three days... plus she can't make up her mind on what she wants. The girls go a little crazy, and when an accident damages the cake on the subway, Max uses Styrofoam and fondant to cover the problem. [and she must have done a really good job... I struggle to fix cake issues like that!] Nobody gets paid until the bride walks down the aisle, however, so Caroline decides to go help the bride choose a dress. [much like Barney couldn't choose a wedding suit, eh?] Unfortunately, the bride decides to run off, so Caroline has Max walk down the aisle and stage the ceremony so they can still get paid. [ha!] The real bride shows up but it all works out in the end. [luckily!] 

Cupcakery Savings Total: $2650.00 [down $200.00 from last episode. even with making such a cake?!?!]

2 Broke Girls "And the New Lease on Life" (S03E22): The landline phone rings in Max's apartment, which means the lease is up and the girls may have to move, as they're subletting. Max tracks down Lester Donovan in a retirement home 35 blocks away, so they head out for a visit. [I love how rent works in NYC, LoL! also, I wish we had rent control at my current place! the rate has gone up so much over the past 3 years...] His girlfriend doesn't want to live with him, so he agrees to pretend he lives in the apartment so the girls can keep up their cover. He has been "living there" since 1954, and Sophie almost blows the story, but they recover and sign another four-year lease. [it was REALLY hard to believe that the guy bought their story after Sophie's comments!] However, Lester wants to move back, and he demands a night with Sophie before he'll leave. [holy cow!] At the bare minimum, he needs a selfie with a girl so people will believe him. [haha!] Neither of the girls can manage to bring themselves to do it with him, but Sophie doesn't want them to leave her, so she agrees to go for it. But, Lester actually chickens out, so after a quick pic, he's on his way. [all's well that ends well!] 

Cupcakery Savings Total: $2614.00 [down $36.00 from last episode.]

2 Broke Girls "And the Free Money" (S03E23): Sophie has a new man, and he tips the girls $100 each at the diner. He is a bookie at the horsetrack, and invites the girls to go with him and Sophie. Caroline gets hooked on gambling, and after they win $400, they tip a waiter $100 and decide to re-invest. Caroline carefully predicts some races, but only one goes well before things slide downhill and she winds up owing Sophie's boyfriend $3,000. [how does it even get that bad??] To get that much, they plan to place another bet, using Han's jockey friend for tips. [Max not being able to stop with the short jokes was a bit past funny.] They lose that one, too, and Sophie dumps Nicky when he beats up someone who owed him money. Nicky will take Chestnut as payment, but Earl agrees to bet to help them out - but makes them promise to stop betting immediately afterward. [glad they didn't lose Chestnut over it! that would have been so sad!] 

Cupcakery Savings Total: $2814.00 [up $200.00 from last episode.]

2 Broke Girls "And the First Degree" (S03E24): Caroline gives Max a fake pastry school diploma, leading Max to admit that she never graduated from high school. [Sophie with the GoogleGlass was different.] Caroline finds out that Max is only missing a history credit, which she can earn by passing a single test, so she makes flashcards and demands everyone at the diner help Max study. [they sell burritos at this diner??] At the end of the week, the girls head to Rhode Island, and Max gets a B! [my husband and I enjoyed the history questions!]  Max is actually very excited and decides to spend the night in town and attend graduation the following day. [how's that for timing?!?] Caroline convinces Max to invite her mother, but the woman doesn't respond to her call or Caroline's. Fortunately, Caroline also invited the diner gang to attend, and the 2014 family has a great time celebrating the accomplishment. 

Cupcakery Savings Total: $2572.00 [down $242.00 from last episode.]
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