Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2 Broke Girls: Perspectives on Money

When you're in high school, you can tell who has money and who doesn't based on what they wear, the backpack they carry, the car they drive. The car thing sticks to a certain extent as you get older, but sometimes it becomes very difficult to judge a person's wealth by their appearance otherwise. On this show, Deke certainly doesn't give off the impression of a trust fund baby, much like the hipsters around San Francisco live in converted warehouses and thrift their clothing, yet many bring in six-figure incomes. Hitting a different note, however, I kinda enjoyed how Max realized that not every treats money the same... rather than do nothing all day, Deke is working on a career, even if he doesn't have to. It definitely speaks volumes about Max not participating in voluntary community service, but that's for another day...

2 Broke Girls "And the Icing on the Cake" (S03E15): Max spends the night in Deke's dumpster, then is 45 minutes late for work the next morning, upsetting Han. He tries to yell at her, but she physically threatens him. [ha!]

At pastry school, the group works on flowered cakes, and the best one gets the team a free week of tuition. [nice prize!] Deke and Max win, and they mutually say "I love you," and decide they mean it. Caroline isn't too excited about the news, but Sophie smiles. The whole situation causes Max to want her "friends" to get to know Deke, so everyone from the diner, plus Chef and Bebe, comes over to the dumpster for wine and cheese.
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That's when things start to get weird... Bebe is headed to Canada the next day, and it turns out that Deke and Caroline have been to the same exclusive resort in Banff. [which is a city in the middle of nowhere, FYI. I almost went to a conference there once, but couldn't get past the price just to get there!] Combined with the fact that he knows cheese and wine, it starts to look like he may have grown up with money, so Caroline digs into the school files... learning that Deke is a Bromberg, meaning he is loaded. [oh snap!] Max freaks out and doesn't want anything to do with him, while Sophie decides to fluff up her decolletage and head over to the dumpster. [ha!]

Cupcakery Savings Total: $560.00 [up $150.00 from last episode.]

2 Broke Girls “And the ATM” (S03E16): Max doesn't want to be with Deke now that she knows his background, so she and Caroline break into the dumpster to retrieve Max's items. But, Deke catches them and is upset that the money matters to Max, so he shows up at the diner as Uncle Pennybags from Monopoly. [hahaha!] Max agrees to be friends and lab partners, but she still doesn’t want to date him because of the class difference. [eye roll!] He asks Caroline for help, so she gives him the apartment key in exchange for a new pair of shoes. [look at that girl milking it!] When Max claims that she can’t be with a rich man because she doesn’t know anything about being rich and can’t relate, Deke puts $1,000,000 into her bank account. [where is my lucky angel who can do such acts?!?] She promptly goes shopping and buys gifts for her classmates, spending $143 on coffee, shampoo, batteries, calendars, chocolate, and chip clips. [love those gift ideas!] Caroline wants to quit the diner, but Max wants to give the money back. When Deke tells her that money just doesn’t matter to him, she decides to keep the money and quit the diner after all. But, then she realizes that money would make her lazy, but that's not what it does to Deke, so maybe they can relate to one another after all. [whatever, as long as it's a happy ending!]

Cupcakery Savings Total: $560.00 [same as last episode.]
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