Wednesday, May 7, 2014

19 Kids & Counting: Adventures in Washington, DC and Nepal

TLC should really be running multiple episodes of this show every week because it's ridiculously behind real-life, and it shows. Plus, all of the "will they or won't they" between Jill and Derick is pointless and fluff as well. Still, I'm interested in seeing more of the trip to Nepal, even if nothing else interesting is happening. Michelle just looks too "forced" talking to Jessa about Ben, and I don't know why the inclusion of Josie learning the rules of sharing made it into the cut. Plus, the timeline is REALLY skewed. Previously, it was made to seem like the Duggars took off for Washington, DC only a week or so after Erin Bates' wedding (November 2nd), but Michelle mentions they were there for Jordyn's birthday (December 18th) but the on-screen pop-up said they only visited for about a week. Even if Michelle had meant it was Josie's birthday (December 10th), it still would have been conflicted with the parameters of the trip. At least it was cute to see the girls enjoying a fun project together!
19 Kids and Counting "Duggars Reunited" (S08E06): Josh doesn't really know how to carve the turkey, but they make it work. Later, a few of the Duggar boys ask Josh for help in doing a Good Samaritan skit for the big "parents gift." [I'm kinda already over that whole thing, so I hope it's not going to end up taking large parts of future episodes as well.] 

The four older girls record their audiobook, with each reading their own stories, and Jill doing the more objective sections.

It's Jordyn's birthday, so Anna and Michelle take her, Josie, and Mackynzie for a birthday celebration with Jennifer and Johannah. They go to a candy shoppe to make truffles. [cute name! "Visions of Sugar Plums"] Then, the whole family goes ice skating... on plastic. [ugh. I mean, I know it tends to be cheaper to go skating in places like that makeshift rink, but the experience just does not rival the real thing!] 

19 Kids and Counting "Going the Distance for Love" (S08E07): Before the trip to Nepal, Jill receives a handwritten letter from Derick. [Jessa's impersonation of Jill talking about Derick was cute. also, what was that huge poster on the wall in the hallway?? history stuff, I think?] It takes JimBob and Jill 36 hours to get from Fayetteville, AR to Chicago, IL to Doha, Qatar to Kathmandu, Nepal. [Jill did her hair in the Qatar airport, haha!] Derick has been in Nepal for two years, and went to college at Oklahoma State. [I didn't know that the driving conditions were so crazy in Nepal!] The next day, they take a tour around a World Heritage Site, Bhaktapur, and get some Nepali clothes. [Jill goes ahead and tells strangers that they're a couple after the first day, LoL.] JimBob resorts to using his Spanish when he doesn't know how to say something. [I loved how Jill and Derick were wearing similar patterns.] They also eat some traditional foods, which Jill is more excited about than her father. Another day, Jill talks with a local artist while Ben asks JimBob about formally courting Jill. [JimBob seemed way more cautious in giving his approval here than with Jessa and Ben.]  

We see Michelle discipline Josie, then take out Jessa for coffee and to talk about the four-month courtship the young lady has been in. The couple usually sees one another every other weekend, but his deep emotions are still very boring to her. Her sisters are helping her respond better so that she can express the love language which Ben would enjoy. [aww, yay, Gary Chapman's book!] 
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