Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Trophy Wife: Helping One Another

I just get so amazed sometimes at how television writers can have multiple plots going on that are so different from one another, yet have strong similarities as well. A once-bullied woman brings her ex-husband's wife as her own wife to a high school reunion, while a divorced couple takes their teenage twins to a college campus to help them see what the next step in life could be like. Both scenarios feature family members coming to one another's aid and characters experiencing awkward situations, but also showcase the differences between adolescents thinking ahead and adults looking back at their youth. And that's not even including Bert's message to Tevin about the stages of life! While I fully expect Trophy Wife will get the ax next week, it could also be a darling little show that takes some time to find an audience. Of course, I'd also shift around ABC's schedule and move The Goldbergs to 8:30 Wednesday (after The Middle), and Trophy Wife to 9:30 Wednesday (after Modern Family), but I'm not the President of the network...

Trophy Wife "There's No Guy in Team" (S01E20): Hillary has some friends over, so Warren asks Diane to come over. [and he has no understanding that his choice isn't the same...] Kate suggests he try to make some new friends, so he joins the field hockey team. [I'm flashing back to Frasier joining "F Hockey" thinking it was "Freshman Hockey," haha!] Kate thinks Warren is committing social suicide by doing so, but when she tries to help him find other interests, she winds up making the kid feel like a loser. He quits the team, but she apologizes, telling him that he's so confident that he'll be okay. [and I have every drop of faith that he will be.] 

Meanwhile, Hillary gets a bad grade so she filibusters her way to a do-over... and gets Jackie's help to write a creative poem and paint. [the three-mother situation is so interesting when you think about saving kids' artwork and helping them with homework! someone remind me to explore that further if the show gets renewed...]

And, Bert gets a credit card in the mail and immediately starts using it. [ha!] Pete tries to help Bert learn some fiscal responsibility, but Bert doesn't see the value in doing things yourself, so he sells his classmates sodas and makes them pay for rides on his scooter. [that last one got a laugh out of me.]

Trophy Wife "Back to School" (S01E21): Hillary heads to a college campus for a week-long science camp, and Diane handles Hillary's orientation while Pete tries to get Warren interested in going to college by taking him to sit in on a Violence in Cinema class. [I felt for Hillary in that small group. learning you're a big fish in a small pond is tough.] Hillary quickly gets intimidated, and Diane is upset that she never taught Hillary it was okay to be second-best. It's Warren who actually makes Hillary feel better. [awww! yay, siblings!]

With Pete away, Jackie asks Kate to go with her to her high school reunion. [I have a hard time understanding why you'd bring a friend with whom you're not romantically involved, but okay.] Meg and Tevin watch Bert, and decide to have a child of their own. [ha! I did like them pretending to be Kate and Pete, though.] Jackie pretends she and Kate are married, and Kate uses Diane's orthopedic surgeon stories as her own, causing her to realize that she does want a career.
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