Monday, January 13, 2014

Instant Mom: Snorkeling in the Living Room, Striking a Deal

The dynamics of this family really ring clearly to me. When siblings are forced to spend time together, they're not that interested, but when they're given the chance to come up with a scheme, they're all about it. These two episodes epitomize that idea, and definitely remind me of my own childhood, making me all the more excited to see what else will be in store. They're going to need to re-address where the children's biological mother is again, or at least make them miss her, as she was their primary caretaker until rather recently. Any thoughts on how the writers will handle that? Don't forget, one of the writer's fathers is credited with some of the best Frasier, Becker, Cheers, and M*A*S*H episodes ever written!
Instant Mom "Staycation" (S01E10): The family is headed on a cruise, leaving Maggie behind to water the plants, as she had no interest in being stuck together in a small area for a period of time. [how random of her!] Stephanie and Maggie never had a family vacation, so Stephanie has high hopes for this one. But, Gabby isn't interested in fun in the sun because she'd rather go skiing with a friend's family. [sounds like a typical teenager totally believable.] When the airport closes because of the storm, the taxi had already arrived, so the driver stays with the family when the roads close. [I found that hard to believe. he couldn't have gotten anywhere more appropriate?] Stephanie decides to create a staycation, but Charlie soon hurts his back and struggles to hide it from the family. The boys dress up to go snorkeling with fish hanging from the ceiling, then there's a family limbo contest, but that forces Charlie to admit to his back problems. [haha at Charlie saying he couldn't pick up the boys for a mock-swim because they ate less than half an hour earlier!]

Karaoke is next, but the power goes out, so they set up a tent in the living room and gather around the fireplace and continue to try finding something to do together. [awww.] But, nobody wants to play charades or tell stories, until the cabbie convinces Maggie that family matters. Apparently, he has been apart from his family in Moldova for six years, and that makes Gabby realize that she loves her family. She apologizes to Stephanie, and the family tries storytime for a hot minute... until the power returns! [I kinda they didn't turn the power on.]

Instant Mom "Babysit This" (S01E11): Charlie is asked to give a lecture on surgeons and the "God complex," but that means they'll need a babysitter, because the kids can't be left together alone. [James staining Stephanie's "cuddly" (snuggie) was more weird than funny.] James wants to impress the new babysitter with cookies, while Gabby decides to act like James is a monster so that she'll scare her off and have to babysit. [though we all know that she'll get grounded when Charlie calls the agency to find out what happened!] Stephanie doesn't want to miss the event, so she lets Gabby watch the others, which upsets Charlie. [just how bad did he think things were gonna get? glue isn't the end of the world.] Back at home, James and Gabby butt heads and start texting both Charlie and Stephanie, distracting the doctor during his speech. [The elderly couple at the banquet table made me laugh, though they did have annoying moments.] Stephanie then brings up their issues during the Q&A of the speech, while the kids realize that they can just split the money and get along. [haha!]
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