Monday, January 13, 2014

Bob's Burgers: Louise Makes a Friend, Tina Tries Magic

Bob and Linda got married at City Hall as per a framed photo on their bedroom wall.They proceeded to have a little life together on the shore, with a (somehow) four-bedroom apartment above a burger joint. They filled those rooms with quirky, "lone wolf" offspring, the most individual of the three being young Louise, who isn't interested in having friends. Linda, being a sort-of social butterfly who wants the best for her kids in all areas, pushes Louise to make a BFF, and she actually does. An interesting story, and I hope we have more of Jessica in the future. The weird thing was, though, of the Belcher children, Louise probably interacts with other kids more than the other two combined, especially if you consider the neighborhood twins! Tina, on the other hand, really needs to find interests that aren't boys! Her obsession with Jimmy Junior passed "annoying" a long time ago, and it's only a matter of time before I start screaming at her on television to get a life! Gene is enough of an oddball that it works for me, though it wouldn't hurt him to have a pal or two.
Bob's Burgers "Slumber Party" (S04E09): Linda tells Louise that she could have a slumber party to make a best friend, but the bunny-eared girl has no interest. So, Linda throws one anyway, despite the fact that Louise doesn't think any of the girls who attend are interesting. [she's such a cynic!] Linda leads activities like tie-dyeing and cupcake-decorating, but one kid goes to bed early (and pees her pj pants) and another freaks out about germs and wants to go home. While Bob takes the girl home, Louise works on getting the rest of the kids to leave, too. [I laughed pretty hard at that!] A story about Gene having a rough twin living in the basement sends one packing, and another leaves after Louise won't let her braid her hair. [what a strange reason to leave!] When it comes to giving the boot to the girl who went to bed early, though, it gets complicated.

Earlier, Linda accidentally picked up the peed pants with the other tie-dyed clothing bags, and the pee-er, Jessica, wakes up and goes looking for it, checking everywhere in the house. [I'd feel so awkward searching someone else's house for something!] Louise recruits Tina and Gene to help find her, as they can only hear her via walkie-talkie. It takes them a while, and Louise starts a pillow fight with Jessica, but that only lasts until a raccoon goes after her peed pants in a bag in the tub. [yeah, while all of this has been going on, Linda tries to rescue a raccoon from an alley fight, harbors it in the house, then gets Bob and Teddy to help get rid of the "bad" raccoon in the alley. A burger lured him out, and then a broom shoves out the raccoon seeking asylum.] Louise finds out the truth, and when she doesn't make fun of Jessica, the girls have a good time. [how mature of Louise!]

Bob's Burgers "Presto-Tina-O" (S04E10): There's a young magicians competition in town, and Jimmy Jr. is preparing. Louise doesn't like magic, but Tina tries to become Jimmy Jr.'s assistant. ["Is this your chard?" took me a second, but then I laughed.] Tina takes it seriously, going to a magic shop to rent a costume and picking up another trick for Jimmy Jr. But, he doesn't want her help and fires her, so she decides to become a competitor herself, aiming to succeed in a straight jacket trick. [why even start there? surely there must have been some impressive "level one" tricks, LoL?] When she learns that Tammy is now assisting Jimmy Jr., Tina decides to fight dirty and changes Jimmy Jr.'s music. [you know, because that's the #1 way kids sabotage one another in these sorts of things!] However, she decides to help him during the show, and they win for on-stage chemistry. [an awkward category for a young magicians' competition, no?]

Meanwhile, Bob offends the magicians when he tries to get them to order more than just fries at the restaurant. But, weird things start happening, and Bob tries to get even, only to fail when the magician predicted the actions perfectly. [bay leaf on a burger??]
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