Thursday, May 29, 2014

Melissa & Joey: The Calm Before the Storm...

A clip show and an episode designed entirely to be extra screen-time for some of the guest stars attending the wedding... not the greatest episodes ever, but still nice build-up for the upcoming wedding. It is a shame, though, that they went ahead and showed the clipshow now... it clearly belongs closer to the wedding, as evidenced by Gloria mentioning she was there to help for the three weeks before the wedding, but the officiant episode occurs when there's only a week left before the big day. Regardless, airing average episodes before a big one is par for the course... like the theory behind why bridesmaids' dresses are ugly so the bride's shines in comparison. Three episodes remain in the season, but there are already tons of ceremony images out on the internet, so who knows what mayhem this couple may face as they tie the knot!  

Melissa & Joey "Don't Look Back in Anger" (S03E33): Mel and Joe meet with a wedding officiant, but he has a great record of successful marriages and won't marry couples he doesn't think will last. [I didn't realize statistics like that were tracked! I wonder what rating our officiant has, LoL.] The couple begins to panic, as the wedding is a week away, so they take to lying in their responses. [standard for this couple anyway!] When it comes to their future as parents, Lennox and Ryder are asked about their role models, leaving the minister to believe the Longos would be destined for divorce. [kinda weird, huh? why finish it like that?]
Melissa & Joey "Uninvited" (S03E34): Mel has been working hard to finish wedding preparations, which includes tasting 40 sparkling wines. [we were such champagne novices when we were married that we had no real preference. Soon aftereard, though, we learned to go for the asti, not the brut.] The bride is further stressed when Joe's mom shows up to help, but Joe mentioned that it'll be a very light wedding on family anyway. Mel repeatedly tells Joe's mom that she'll "think about" the woman's suggestions, then lets her pick the photographer from her top 5 choices. But, Gloria just books Joe's brother instead, even though he hit on Mel in the past. [I was really upset that Gloria went outside those five! how much do you have to disrespect your future daughter-in-law to do that??] Mel is okay with it, and even loves the first set of shots he does (including the engagement photo to the right). [I know she likes his work and all, but no bad blood between them??] But, he then tries to seduce her again, so Gloria sends him packing. [why bother to hide it from Joe for a quick second?]

Ryder tells Lennox that he didn't apply to any colleges, as he loves his job working at the laser tag center. [did Mel and Joe not find it odd that they didn't have to write any checks for application fees? also, didn't Ryder used to be more than one year behind Lennox in school, or am I misremembering things?] She doesn't want to freak out Mel and Joe, though, so she takes it upon herself to write his college entrance essays and try to get him in somewhere. [yay, big sister power!] Meanwhile, Ryder gets a promotion at work, prompting Lennox to leave him alone after all. [I'm wearing my McKayla Maroney face right now...]
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