Thursday, September 1, 2011

Joey Lawrence's Brothers on Melissa & Joey

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Melissa & Joey
"The Other Longo" (S01E25): Another two-storyline episode, though this one manages to incorporate all four of the main characters. In the more boring plot, Ryder is sick and Lennox is afraid that she'll catch it, just before a big party that she wants to go to. Lennox even wears a surgical mask and goes crazy with the hand sanitizer. But, she comes down with it anyway, so Ryder goes to the party for her so he can text her what everyone is wearing, plus he can bring her some cake. [eh. Lennox goes to a lot of parties, so this wasn't too exciting. Plus, if she was freshly coming down with the bug, couldn't she had taken some OTC meds and powered through?]

In the other story, Mel is writing a speech to give at a job fair. Joe's brother, Tony, is in town and staying at the house for a few days, though Mel only wants him to stay for one night. [Matthew has always been my favorite of the Lawrence brothers!] Tony believes in feng shui and moves around the living room furniture, which frustrates Mel. Tony is a photographer and Mel loves his work, so she says he can stay if he'll do a photoshoot with her. [this can't be going anywhere good!] Tony asks Joe if it's cool if he asks out Mel, and after some hesitation, Joe agrees. [the tension is starting to annoy me... what about you?] Joe gets Tony a bus ticket out of town, but he wants to stay longer. Then, Lennox finds suggestive photos of Mel on the internet and shows her... turns out Tony posted them. [and this is why the photoshoot with wine and someone you barely know was a bad idea...] Joe confronts Tony about it and they get into a physical fight. Mel stops it once (though the guys lie about what sparked the altercation) but they soon break into another one. Turns out, everyone likes the photos of Mel online. [...and I think that was the easy way to wrap that up. There's no way that there would have been so much positive feedback...]

Melissa & Joey "Teacher / Teacher" (S01E26): Yay for two storylines! And, we split up the adults with the kids for some equal storytime!

Mel and Lennox buy some Kings of Leon tickets online. The club where the concert is turns out to be 18+ only, and Lennox is crushed. Mel is confident that they can get in by taking Lennox to get a fake ID... apparently Mel has a "guy" for that. [hahaha on both Mel having someone to do that, plus the same guy still doing it after so much time.] At the actual concert, the cops are double-checking IDs so Mel teaches Lennox how to hide in a bathroom stall. But the cops just keep checking so Lennox ends up jumping out a bathroom window and into a dumpster, while Mel exits normally. [if it was at a club, why were there "floor seats" ?/]

[Joe's hair is back to being existent.] Ryder gets a C on a history paper that Joe helped him with. Joe heads to school to talk to the teacher, played by Andrew Lawrence. [what kind of class doesn't use desks or notepads?] Joe lets it slip that the paper was actually plagiarized... Joe got an A on it when he was in college. Now with an F, Ryder can't play on the soccer team. To solve this, Joe decides to take the Kings of Leon tickets (thinking that they can't be used by Mel and Lennox) and bribes Ryder's history teacher with them. Except when Joe finds out that Mel and Lennox have another set of tickets, Joe and Ryder hunt down the history teacher outside the concert to stop him from being thrown out, but he sold the tickets to someone else already. Joe can't keep quiet and soon he's being blamed for a third person not being able to get into the concert. Ergo, Ryder ends up having to write a new paper anyway.

In the end, Joe catches Mel red-handed when a police officer delivers the fake ID to the house, found near the dumpster at the club. The episode ends with Joe finding another fake ID... turns out, Lennox already had one but couldn't admit to it before. [hahaha, I love that.]

[I thought that they should have spaced out the Lawrence brothers' appearances a little more. why back-to-back?]
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